In Nomine

This is a Steve Jackson Games product that has been on hold for several years, though it still has a small but loyal following. The original SJG In  Nomine was published in 1997 and was a conversion of a prior French publication. It also had a conversion published for GURPS Third Edition, copyright 2000.
The GURPS conversion was specifically intended to be a one off, with additional material published in the In Nomine system but those who preferred the GURPS system could convert existing and new material with the GURPS In Nomine book. The W23 listing has 34 products at the of this writing.
There is also a Storium conversion.

Setting Info

This is a world where Angels and Demons play an eternal game for control of humanity and its souls.This is a secret war that most humans are ignorant of and players can be angels, demons, or mortal soldiers. It is a very interesting setting, though personally I found the books complicated to understand and the system not very intuitive.  Part of this is because I came across it much later so there was already a lot of books to read, and part of it is the age of the system. Over the years many new games have been published and we have seen many styles of rules, many going for a more simplified and less complicated approach.
I will endeavor to review (and link to others) the books I have and random thoughts over time.
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