Thursday, June 22, 2017

My review of Pyramit 3/104 Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game

Pyramid #3/104 Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game came out today.
Lucky for me I get complementary copies for this year so I was able to enjoy it.
One of the articles is It's a Quest by Christopher Rice.
I did not expect to like it all that much but if anything life has taught me to look deeper than the surface or title.  The first part addresses the Sandbox GM and the Railroad GM and is the most useful part I think.
It points out the vulnerability of Sandboxing in that you need at least 1 active player per 5 players.  Not sure I agree with that number or that you also need at least one passive player but the point is a valid one.  Without an active player this style of gaming will fail.  It goes on to talk about ways to get players engaged and work with their motivations.

The rest of the issue is good as always and I love the solo adventure.  Takes me back to the days of the Death test series.

Putting the major parties into persepctive

The GOP represents corporate America and the extremely wealthy while the Democrats represent the common worker.  At least that is how its been represented for decades.
Some workers vote for Democrats because they think this is true (and it used to be before Citizens United) and some wealthy vote for Democrats because they feel the same thing.  Even if they are not working for low wages they know that labor is vital to the economy they also depend on.

That is all old news but today I just came up with a comparison that hearkens back to a Town hall I attended. The Democratic party is the mob running the labor unions to funnel those pension funds into their pockets. The republican party represents the old school companies and Robber Barons  that want child labor, no overtime, and long work days we had before organized labor.

Is there a reason any of these are good for you? Are they good for America?
I say NO! Both will destroy America and not just the working class but everyone as they continue to burn America down.

We need a change to BOTH parties.  My last best hope for a peaceful nonviolent solution is Brand New Congress.  If they fail to make a significant difference I think we see a civil war by 2030.

Health Care bill shown to the public

So H.R. 1628 made it out of the exclusive GOP committee and the full test is here.
To be honest I have not yet read the entire thing, its very long and as typical of these things not designed to be readable by people who are not lawyers.
However it look to be about as bad as what came out of the House.
Basically the goal here is not to reform or improve Health Care but to give tax cuts to the very wealthy.

Politifact article on the bill and its usual Fact Checking.
The whole point of writing tihs in secret and trying to pass it with Reconciliation is to create a purely partisan law.  republicans made every effort to cut democrats out so they own this. Remember that come 2018 and 2020 this is an example of how Republicans govern.  Secrecy, hypocrisy and anti-christian processes and goals are the how they want to go.  They spent the last decade as  obstructionists and now that they have all the power continue the assault on America.

Republicans still promoting child abuse

Saw this on Samantha Bee about NY protecting child molesters.
Seriously we see this all the time, just check out the FBIs crime stats and you will see how the states with the highest levels of child abuse are GOP controlled ones.
Can anyone explain in a rational way why?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A candidate making an honest speech about issues he feels strongly about rather than political spin

Can we have more people like this please?
Rob Ryerse on Health Care

Support Brand New Congress and subscribe to that channel to see some great people who are going to Congress to serve rather than line their pockets.

PS: Updated my list of candidates 14 Brand New Congress candidates announced and running.
I hope to announce 2 for Oklahoma in the next week or so.

An Open Letter to Senator Lankford

Dear Senator Lankford,
I hope this letter reaches you for it is very important to me.
After the Alexandria shooting you asked us to tone down the rhetoric.  The thing is however for many of us it is not just rhetoric but life or death issues that we struggle with every day. Both parties have betrayed the American people and sold out to corporate interests. Our anger is real, not just rhetoric and if you can understand and choose to deal with it we may yet save our country.
I suspect most of your constituent are contacting you about health care and many on climate change and the environment as well as jobs.  These are all important issues to me as well. However the most important issue to me and the thing that helps me fight through my pain and motivate me to volunteer for my PAC is the betrayal of my government. Even though I cant find a job and am desperately waiting to see if disability goes through in time it is my anger at President Trump and the support he enjoys from the GOP. I find it hard to push past my depression enough just to keep myself alive and do certain basic things that could extend my life, pride kept me from asking for disability until it was probably too late.  Yet my anger and hatred can still motivate me to try and keep him from destroying my country.
It is not just rhetoric but life and death and a betrayal of a country I still love and want to protect.  I am not alone, the shooter in Alexandria in my view did not want to kill anyone, I doubt anyone is that bad a shot.  Instead I think he had given up on life an wanted to make a political statement as his last act. Unlike right wing conservative extremists he did not bomb a church, kill a little Muslim girl with a bat, shoot up a gay night club, or any of the other things that seem to be more and more common every year. Nor did he, like the desperate and hopeless (or yes some of the mentally ill) go on a random shooting spree.  Instead he made a patriotic act of defiance and went for the leadership. I would prefer not to see any of that but if we have to see more people killing people out of anger, frustration and sheer desperation I hope you understand why I feel it should be more of the latter than the former. It is not immigrants, the GLBTQ community, minorities, or different religions that are destroying America it is our leadership.
All right I hope I have established how important I think this issue is so now on to laying it out for you.
President Trump is guilty of lying with a frequency we have never seen before, he violates the Emolument clause, attacks the media, uses his office to advertise his properties and line his pockets, pushes away our allies and embraces our enemies.  All while the GOP sings his praises, makes excuses for him and has become our modern day Nero with Trump as the mother.
I do not regard the Democrats as much better but right now you are in charge so the responsibility is yours. Having met you once I consider you intelligent and I think actually care about the country.  I don’t side with your views on many issues but I hope I am right and you care for this country.  I am not bothering with Senator Inhofe or Rep Frank Lucas as I do not have the same impression and hope for them. Heck I can even see the difference when I call your various staffs.  I am volunteering for Brand New Congress as I think it is the last hope for peaceful government reform. However your in charge now and maybe, just maybe you can help stop the violence or even civil war I see us headed towards.
As you sit on the Intelligence committee you have access to more information than I do but let me list what I as a civilian see.  President Trump did not win the election as a conservative republican; he won as an anti-establishment candidate against a corporate and establishment democrat. He had the lowest approval ratings of any previous President and many people did not trust him.  Yet people were desperate for change and he promised that.  They should have known better and the GOP should have been able to choose someone else instead of him as the best they had to offer. Both parties failed America. People are still desperate and tired of being lied to and politicians choosing party over country. I appeal to you to impeach him as soon as possible and curb his excesses as much as possible until he becomes  unpopular enough the GOP is willing to do so. I appeal to your sense of morality and patriotism as regards the following issues.
Turkey: He and Flynn asked to hold off helping the Kurds against ISIS because Turkey wanted that and both were taking money from the Turkish government. Flynn was directly paid and Trump has a hotel they reportedly increased support for. As a member of the Intelligence Committee I suspect you can easily check out how true this is. If true I consider this treason as we are at war with ISIS.
Russia: There are so many people around him with ties to Russia it is amazing the GOP does not seem to care.  Some of these may indeed be legitimate, however why does he fight investigation so hard?  Why did so many of his people withhold that information on their security forms? Why did both Sessions and Comey testify under oath that he never asked about election meddling? I was disappointed to see you not press that issue. We have reports of financial ties to Russia and China and I do not for a moment believe he will put the countries interests over his business ones.  Do you?
Allies: He treats our allies as corporate rivals, treating handshakes as arm wrestling contests, shoving a Prime Minister to get in front of the camera, lectures them in front of the NATO 9-11 memorial with barely a mention of the sacrifice they went to on our behalf at that time. I can barely walk and yet I would have walked with them rather than follow in a golf cart. There is more but you are aware of that.
Emolument and Graft: He is in violation of this every day.  Diplomats and companies stay at his properties or pay club dues (which he doubled at Mara Lago) for access.  He used the White House to advertise his property and has the taxpayer funnel money into them for his weekend getaways and even official functions such as meetings with ambassadors. Turkey moved their convention from the Ritz to his place. China just happened to grant him and his family Trademarks. His brand is growing and he is getting more and more wealthy and yet we do not even know how deep his foreign ties are because he hides his taxes. He approved DAPLE while holding stock in the company, he wants to sell off public lands to his friends and make the bankers wealthy by deregulation (even though it will likely cause another recession when we have to bail them out again).
Maybe the country could survive his bungling of foreign affairs and general incompetence but that the GOP protects him on the above is enraging. And it will cost them.
Thank you,
Rory Fansler veteran of the Cold War.

 PS: I had more to say but it was already 2 pages. I hope he gets it but his staff are really awesome.
The other guys Sen Inhofe and Rep Lucas staff are downright surly when you call them.  I have the feeling they dont pass anything along.

Monday, June 19, 2017

About those Coal jobs

So President Trump said he was going to bring back coal jobs.
He also blames environmental and minor safety regulations as the reason those jobs went away.
Trouble is, like almost everything else he says that is a lie.
Coal jobs have been in decline for a long time and started that under Republican watch.
Coal Countries decline has a long history
Cheaper forms of energy such as natural gas make coal mining less profitable and automation has cut down on the number of workers needed for the same amount of production.
Coal industry leaders recognize that significant jobs will never return.  So what can we do?
Republicans can subsidize coal jobs like they do for oil but as they get more bribery money from oil and gas companies that seems unlikely.
And for he fiscally conservative but ethical republicans that would not sit well anyhow.
We are also losing manufacturing jobs and not so much to foreign site as due to automation.

That is the real key.  We need to invest in long term job growth for new industries.
John Oliver monologue on Coal
Coal Industry Jobs as an overall part of the Economy