GURPS Monsters, NPCs and things that make life interesting!

The GURPS Basic Set includes a number of animals and monsters but you can never have enough! 
Because GURPS covers so many genres and settings it cant include everything in one book, nor frankly would it be wise to.  If you want to play fantasy why buy a book filled with aliens, modern spies, and super villains?  Most setting and genre books will also include some potential adversaries and those are not included below.

Fourth Edition

Aliens: Sparrials Think alien monkeys with no sense of property rights.
Creatures of the Night A series of 5 books with monsters suitable for the horror genre.  Some can be used in a fantasy or other setting, but beware many are very scary and dangerous
Dragons A source book on various kinds of dragons. Dungeon Fantasy Monsters #4 is also focused on dragons.
Dungeon Fantasy Monsters A series dedicated to supporting the Dungeon Fantasy line. 5 books.
Dungeon Fantasy: Allies Many animals and critters useful for familiars and summoning spells.
Template Tool Kit 1: Charecters guidelines for building templates and it can help you build NPCs.
Template Tool Kit 2: 
Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game  Boxed set that includes a monster book. Also a digital version so it will never go out of print.
Nordlondr Ovinaboken is a great full color bestiary for the Nordlondr setting. Its Viking themed but has a lot of generic monsters and things that can be used in other fantasy settings.
    Also by that publisher Garden of Evil; The Bugstiary; Serpents of Legend
Zombies A book about what else? Zombies! Includes numerous types from magical to biological and suitable for any zombie based campaign.  Or just to spice up that Necromancers army.


Big Lizzie  A T-Rex in the old West
Lair of the Fatman 1980s espionage
Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon

Online Sources (Fan Based)

Monster List on the GURPS Wiki
GURPS Animilia Stats and descriptions for a huge variety of animals.
Nature Kills List of DF related monsters in GURPS and where they appeared
Sortable Monster Tables by Rasputin and Bruno!
Natural Encyclopedia  by Kevin A. Munoz.
Anons Animal Album by anonomous
Third Edition material is compatible with minor adjustments.  Mostly point totals have changed but some features such as  Passive Defense, Damage and Armor changed as well.
Stats and skills are pretty much the same except for point costs and secondary attributes which can be left alone for most purposes.

Bestiary Animals from reality and fantasy
Blood Types Undead monsters
Creatures of the Night Monsters of horror
Fantasy Folk Fantasy races


A Minor Emergency Black Ops adventure
Chaos in Kansas Horror advdenture
DeathWish Asupers aventure
Fantasy Aventures For GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Bane Storm
Flight 13  Horror adventure
Its Not Just A Game IOU Adventure
Grendal a Mars adventure
The Old Stone Fort A horror adventure
Operation Endgame 4 Espionage adventures
Time Travel Adventures and Timeline (Historical dates of significance)
Zombie Town USA for Horror or Autoduel

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