GURPS Blogs and Resource list

Steve Jackson Games GURPS Resource List
Read this for a great synopsis and An Introduction to GURPS
The Blind Mapmaker Does a lot of reviews.
MyGURPS by PK the assistant line editor.
GURPS Repository GURPS Wiki
Gaming Ballistic Third party publisher with lots of great stuff

Adventures, Monsters, and Foes

Animalia in GURPS Stats and details for lots of animals.
Northport - Adventures in Designing a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting
The Lands of Nandeme: A Hexcrawl for Dungeon Fantasy

Gear and Loot

GURB - The Generic Universal Roleplaying Blog Lots of stuff on futuristic weapons.
Shooting Dice Guns and Gaming, including scenes from movies - how to play them out and stats for the weapons, even charecters.

Misc GURPS Related Blogs

Dungeon Fantastic
Game Geekery by Mook  A good introduction and general aid to using GURPS.
Gaming Ballistic Third party publisher with lots of great stuff
GURPS Chandley's Stuff
GURPS Wiki or GURPS Repository GURPS Wiki
Hard Maths  Sci Fi themed blog
Mailanka's Musings Campaign building
Ravens N' Pennies by Ghostdancer a popular GURPS author
Tenkar's Tavern
The GURPS Diner by TBone  Rules and crunchy goodness.

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