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GURPS by Steve Jackson Games (better known for Munchkin and board games) was one of the first game systems designed to play any genre or setting you wanted.  Over 30 years old and on its Fourth Edition (out since 2004) it is actually compatible with the original First Edition which came out in 1986.  Yes that is right, you could take a character you played from 1986 and update him to the current rules with very little effort.  The only significant change would be his point totals!

With well over 300 books and supplements, game aids (including software) and years of a monthly magazine, most of which are available online (even some scanned in stuff from the 80s and before GURPS itself) there is a huge amount of material to choose from.  GURPS actually has more licensed settings than any other game company, though some of those have expired so you may have to hunt for an out of print copy.  Almost every other game company from that era has been sold or closed its doors so your hard pressed to find any game system with such dedicated and enduring support.

However this is kind of an embarrassment of riches and it can be hard to figure out where to start or what books would be best for you and your gaming group.  The main purpose of this blog is to help you with the process of making the most out of GURPS.
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Over on the right under Gaming labels you will see several items. These only link blogposts, not pages so I'm doing more of my entries as blog posts. Everything is under the GURPS tag, GURPS Analysis is a post where I talk about a specific aspect of GURPS, GURPS Reviews are of course reviews of specific books or magazine issues, Chalice World is my fantasy setting, most of the posts are stubs to or copies of pages. I use pages to make it easy for readers and players to find things. I think the rest are pretty obvious.

Chalice World

The Chalice World is a High Fantasy world created by Rory Fansler
Inspired by Ring World (Larry Niven), Taoism, and an old White Wolf campaign the author played in it was originally the Shadow Worlds which was a sort of post post apocalypse setting where things were reborn long after the old worlds had been destroyed.
The new version bears little resemblance to that old campaign but shares many of the ideas and races.
It is very much a kitchen sink kind of world and lends itself well to GURPS due to the variety of power levels, campaign types and magical abilities it can contain.
  • The Lantern Guild A large and powerful magical guild that uses magic to enhance various professions and serve thier local communities.

Game of Powers

A GURPS Supers setting in modern day alternate earth.  There is a lot of hidden backstory I wont go into.
My GURPS Material (4 Pyramid articles, 1 book coming soon)

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  1. Hello Starshine, I was able to find our old Arduin Grimoire books from so long ago. I still remember the tabletop play at the house on Van Ness. Tom (the Hobbit thief)

  2. Tom!!!
    Sorry never saw the notice on this, Glad your still around. I finally lost that artwork you made for me in a move about years ago. It got ruined in storage. Hope your doing well, gaming and sill drawing.