Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Player Surveys

Inspired by this post https://www.ravensnpennies.com/gamemasters-guidepost-framing-your-preferences-part-i/
So first the categories...
Interpersonal Relationships
Mystery solving
Heroic Deeds
Growth in personal power

The Rating system
0 - Happy and prefer if it never comes up.
1 - I want it very rarely, 1 in 5 games.
2 - I want it rarely, 1 in 4 games.
3 - I want it now and then, 1 in 3 games.
4 - I enjoy this and want it frequently, 1 in 2 games.
5 - I really enjoy this and want it in every game.

So players pick each category they have an opinion on and rate it.
Players can also add categories.
This can help the GM adapt the game to the players preferences.

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