Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Martial and Mystical Style of Life and Death

Martial Art: Duat

Duat is a martial and Mystic style created by warrior priests of Anubis and involves the study of life and death.

Martial Style: Duat

Created by warrior priests of Anubis this style focuses on the study of life and death and harnessing the energies of both. Users can replicate many of the abilities of various Chi users, and even mages. While the core powers require touch to use, many alternatives can be used at range.
Skills: Esoteric Medicine; Karate; Meditation; Running; Thanatology

The signature ability of this style is the paired aspects of death and life energy. This is represented by two separate power sets (core power and various alternative abilities to it). Death powers require Thanatology skill rolls, while life powers require Esoteric Medicine skill rolls.

Left Hand of Death

Affliction (HT; Armor Divisor, +50%; Melee Attack, C and Cannot parry. -35%; Requires Skill roll,  Thanatology, -10%; Secondary Effect -5 HT; -5%; +0%) 10/level
Alternative Abilities
(Pyramid #3/105): Breaking Blow; Dim Mak; Hypnotic Hands; Iron Skin; Precognitive Parry; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets

Right Hand of Life

Healing (Faith Healing, +20%; Immediate Preparation Required, 1 hour, -75%; Requires Skill roll,  Esoteric Medicine, -10%; -65%)  14 points
Stylists may buy off Prep Required and add Accelerated Healing, +25%; Affects Self, +50%; Cure Affliction, +60%; Reliable, +5%; Restore Limbs, +80%.
Alternative Abilities
Regeneration, Regrowth,
(Pyramid #3/105): Anatomic Control; Breath of Life; Chi Sensing; Flying Leap; Hypnotic Hands; Kiai; Mental Strength; Phoenix Heart; Power Blow; Push; Sensitivity;

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