Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Awareness an Alternate Attribute

This is an alternative attribute for my settings, at least on a trial basis. Its based on GURPS Power-Ups 9: Alternate Attributes and some discussion on the SJG forums.


20 points/level
You are extremely aware of thngs and always paying attention, even to minor details others over look. This starts at 10 and costs 20 points per level.
It is the controlling attribute for skills based purely on perception and observation as well as Per rolls.
For many skills a keen awareness of whats happening is important but another attribute such as IQ or DX are also fundamental, this includes skill where analysis and reaction are important.
  • Controlling (Any Per based): Blind Fighting, Body Language, Detect Lies, Esoteric Medicine, Fishing, Observation, Scrounging, Search, Survival, Tracking, Urban Survival.
  • (Awareness + IQ)/2 or (Awareness + DX)/2 or (Awareness + DX)/2: Accounting, Administration, Animal Handling, Area Knowledge, Artist, Bicycling, Boating, Body Sense, Camouflage, Carousing, Climbing, Combat skills, Connoisseur, Computer Operation, Criminology, Cryptography, Current Affairs, Dancing, Diagnosis, Diplomacy, Disguise, Dreaming, Driving, Electronics Operation, Electronics Repair, Erotic Art, Falconry, Farming, Fast-Talk, Filch, Fist Aid, Forensics, Forgery, Fortune-Telling, Forward Observer, Gardening, Gesture, Group Performance, Herb Lore, Hidden Lore, Hiking, Housekeeping, Intelligence Analysis, Interrogation, Intimidation, Invisibility Art, Jeweler, Knot-Tying, Leadership, Lip Reading, Lockpicking, Market Analysis, Merchant, Mimicry, Mount, Naturalist, Navigation, Panhandling, Photography, Physician, Pickpocket, Piloting, Politics, Pressure Points, Pressure Secrets, Propaganda, Prospecting, Psychology, Public Speaking, Research, Riding, Running, Savoir-Faire, Seamanship, Shadowing, Shiphandling, Skating, Skiing, Sleight of Hand, Speed-Reading, Stealth, Strategy, Streetwise, Submarine, Submariner, Surgery, Tactics, Teaching, Teamster, Throwing, Throwing Art, Traps, Veterinary, Weather Sense, Zen Archery.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Opensecrets funding for each of the major Oklahoma candidates for federal office.
General Race data

Kendra Horn (OK-05) 12.79% small dollar
Danyell Lanier (D) vs, Mark Mullin at a horrible 0.37%