Brand New Congress

Politicians trying to get money out of Politics.  They have other items but to me that one is the key.
Imagine a bipartisan caucus of the below candidates and what they could do to clean things up in Washington!
Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress working together

Brand New Congress 14 YouTube Channel Candidate Page

Adrienne Bell (TX-14) 
Alexandria Ocasio (D-NY-14)   JD Spotlight Poltical Revolution YouTube Interview
Anthony Clark (IL-07)   Facebook spotlight
Chardo Richardson (D-FL-07) YouTube Intro
Cori Bush (D-MO-01) YouTube Intro Campaign Teaser
Danny Ellyson (GA-08)
Hector Morales (TX-29) YouTube Intro
Michael A. Hepburn (FL-27)
Letitia Plummer (TX-22)
Paul Perry (PA-07) Announcement Video  Newspaper article
Paula Jean Swearengin (Senate West Virgina) YouTube Intro TYT Announcement
Robb Ryerse (R-AR-03) Interview with Thom Hartmann
Ryan Stone (TX-10)
Sarah Smith (WA-09)

The YouTube channel is a great way to hear about these people speaking about thier goals.  A LOT better than a TV ad. Many of the interview ads include in the description social media links for the candidate.

Justice Democrats 4

Alexandria Ocasio (D-NY-14) BNC Page  JD Spotlight Poltical Revolution
Chardo Richardson (D-FL-07) YouTube Intro
Paula Jean Swearengin (Senate West Virgina) YouTube Clip TYT Announcement
Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA-17) AMA on Reddedit
Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI--02) announces no more PAC money? Facebook Post Campaign site

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