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The Tuimelaar or Mud Folk


The Tuimelaar (slang mudfolk) are a rural race that inhabits the swamps and jungles of Chalice World, though communities do exist in human areas, especially near rivers and harbors.
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Racial Template

71 points
  • Attribute Modifiers: ST-3 [-30]; HT+1 [10]; IQ-1 [-20].
  • Secondary Characteristics: Basic Move +2 [10]; SM-2; 
  • Movement Notes: Can brachiate at 1/2 Move, Swim at full Move and Jump an average of High 4' or Broad 
  • Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Arms (Both arms are Extra-Flexible and Foot Manipulators) [4]; Brachiator [5]; Catfall [10]; Double-Jointed [15]; DR 3 (Can't Wear Armor, -40%; Crushing only, -40%) [3]; DR 1 (Can't Wear Armor, -40%; Top only, -40%) [1]; Discriminatory Taste [10]; Extra Head 2 (Extranous, -20%) [24]; High Manual Dexterity 1 [5]; Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction /2 (Crushing only, -40%) [30]; Innate Attack, Spit (Tox) 1d (Takes Recharge, 1 hour, -30%) [3]; Nictating Membrane 1 [1]; Payload 2 (BL/5) [2]; Perfect Balance [15]; Sensitive Touch [10]; Slippery 1 [2]; Sonar Comm (Vague, -50%) [5]; Super Jump [10]; Vibration Sense (Water) [10].
  • Perks: Burrower, Drench
  • Disadvantages: Cannot Speak [-15]; Chummy [-5]; Clueless [-10]; Cold-Blooded (50) [-5]; Curious (15) [-2]; Gluttony (12) [-5]; Impulsive (12) [-10]; Increased Consumption 1 [-10]; Semi-Upright [-5]
  • Quirks: Broad-Minded, Responsive, Weird Sense of Humor [-3].
  • Feature
* Drench: Can moisten body parts at will, providing enough water to extinguish small flames, rinse off gunk, etc.
Climbing bonus +8; Escape +6

Common Learned Skills

Acrobatics, Gesture, Jumping, 

Common Optional Traits

Trickster is common among those who have left their communities and wander the cities or actually adventure.

Racial History

The Tuimelaar are a fairly young race that are very well adapted to their natural environment. They learned farming and irrigation to build and support small communities of dens and burrows. Each community typically has a central hut in a lake where they congregate for town meetings and parties.
They met elves first but most elves considered them merely smart animals, it was not until they met the dwarves that their history was changed forever. They learned writing and the power of magical writing from the dwarves with whom they have an extensive farming trade. Some Tuimelaar even moved into dwarven underground cities where are appreciated for their fine detailed craftsmanship.
They do sometimes come into conflict with humans and elves when they dam up rivers to expand their wetlands and marshes, but these tend to be small local conflicts rather than full out race wars. Small communities have been known to spring up near harbors where they create their own farms by dredging fertile soil from the harbor.



Picture a three foot otter with, two long knobbed tails, the oversize hind legs of a frog, and tentacles for the two forelegs. Each foreleg further splits into a dozen smaller tentacles that surround a (usually hidden) small mouth. That is a Tuimelaar!


The body of a Tuimelaar relies on thousands of small heart type muscles that can rapidly pump fluid into or out of almost every part of its body. They have almost no bones at all and rely on cartilage and hydraulic pressure to control their movement. This gives them fine control with their tentacles and explosive power with their legs and tails.These muscles can also expel water from pores in the skin, allowing them to more easily escape grips, slip through tight passages and soil or even clean themselves. A similar muscle is used to spit a small glob of toxic fluid they use to hunt small game, though it takes an hour to produce poison enough for 1 shot. They also have a large pouch in their main mouth they can use to store things in, including their young or even tools and equipment.

The pair of forearm tentacles each support an extra head surrounded by smaller tendrils. This evolved to let them dig up or pull smaller animals and bugs from holes. The brains are slightly underdeveloped and can only control the arm, not the rest of the body.  They can communicate with the main brain however so it can see what they see and direct them.  This not only allows more effective foraging but each head can also be a lookout which helps spot danger and look for things to grab or hunt. Finally the tendrils are very sensitive and adept so can be used to sense and manipulate with extreme precision.

They can understand the speech of most races but are unable to speak complicated sounds. Instead they use their powerful tails to tap out messages to each other. These signals can be heard up to 3 miles away underwater, about a mile through rock, and 50 yards in open air or loose soil. Messages are fairly crude, though they can issue quick warnings or calls for help.


They prefer warm and damp environments, such as jungles, rain forests, and swamps. Their extraordinary climbing and jumping ability is a great advantage in these environments and they tend to dominate them. Note that their whiskers also provide an advantage in murky water where visibility is low. They also favor wetlands for farming and are good at irrigation where they cut down trees like beavers and pile up dirt from their warrens into dikes.


 The Tuimelaar are a playful and chummy race and aggression tends to be rare. They get along very well with each other and any conflicts tend to be along the lines of practical jokes.
Some take their playfulness too far however and that is pretty much the main type of crime to be found in thier communities. Those who leave the community tend to do it for the challenge more than a seeking of riches or fame and often have Trickster as a disadvantage. They tend to be scouts or thieves due to their desires for challenge and their innate abilities. Tuimelaar make excellent scouts and second story men, though mages are also popular second choices.
They do not wear clothes as they would jut rip or fall off very quickly.  They do sometimes use tattoos and jewelry piercings to decorate themselves but tend to be fairly mundane in appearance as they generally eschew wealth. Any goods tend to be of a practical nature or for their home, which tend to be rather colorfully decorated.


They tend to live in farming communities but most will hunt small game or even larger animals. They tend to be very active and their communities will have ropes strung from trees and travel perches which they also use as watchtowers and informal gathering places.
They are excellent craftsman chefs and export food, clothes, and jewelry all around the world.


They have a very complicated written language that has a visual and a physical component. The visual style tends to be composed of curved lines and shapes, with a lot of circles. The physical component provides subtext and must be felt to be read. Despite its complexity the language is less precise than others, especially dwarven and is meant to convey emotional and abstract concepts more than engineering ideas or precise measurements.
The audible language is likewise very rhythmic and can convey emotion pretty well and even be used to make powerful and moving music.  The tails make drum or cymbal like sounds, while the pair of auxiliary heads can (with practice) imitate bird and other sounds. They have developed a signal portion of the language that is used for communicating things like numbers, distance and warning of danger or invitations to the hunt.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Tax Scam

1000+ pages?!  That is simplifying the tax system?
Included in the latest version...

  • Excise tax added to certain people working for a non profit.  So not only are they taxed on income they get a penalty for going to a non profit.  Why?
  • Individual cuts still temporary.  All expire in 2025.  Yes they may get renewed but that they have to put that in there to keep the deficit down means its going to be a problem.
  • State and Local tax deduction capped at 10K
  • Repeal the AHCA mandate means young healthy people drop out everyone else pays higher premiums
  • .Corporate rate 21% but most loopholes left in, and Doctors and a lot of small businesses will get hit harder.  Another reason premiums and health care will go up.
  • Special kickback to real estate people.
  • Carried Interest (Wall Street loophole) still left in despite Trump and everyone in the GOP asked saying they would get rid of it.

Think about this.
  • If the GOP thinks this bill will be great for wage growth, why are none of them able to offer specifics?
  • If its really good for America why do most economists disagree?  Why rush this through in a nonpartisan manner and avoid any public hearings?  Only Lobbyists were invited to the party, the public was left out.
  • Why does tax reform need to be over ONE THOUSAND pages long?  If they were really closing loopholes it should be short.
If they have to rush it through before people get a good luck that indicates they are afraid of what people will see.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

GOP Tax scam, not about Conservative Values, just greed.

So the final version of the GOP Tax bill is out.
I haven't been able to find the full text online yet but have read the House and Senate versions going into this plan.
Senate Taxplan 515 pages!
House Bill 429 pages
House Summary and breakdowns

You have probably heard the talking points already, it raises the deficit, does very little for wage and job growth while granting huge boost to the super rich and corporations, hurts teachers and firefighters, will prompt millions to lose their insurance and raises everyone else premiums, close many hospitals, increase the national debt, and even how the individual tax cuts are only short term while corporate tax cuts are permanent.
They put the lie to the test when they said this was about reform and closing loopholes.  You did not need a 500 page bill if you got rid of all (or even most) of the loopholes.

Further, this bill punishes individual tax payers in a lot of hidden in the dirt pile ways.
  • Repeal of Casualty loss:  You wont notice this until your hurting but this repeals a deduction if you suffer a major loss such as your house burning down, flood damage, earth quake, tornado or even theft. That deduction enabled you to rebuild and get back on your feet faster, However they repealed it, except for Hurricanes.  Wonder why Republicans decided to repeal it for earthquakes but leave it for hurricanes? However, everyone is at risk for these things.
  • Territorial Tax:Most countries use this system which means your not taxed on income made overseas. We tax our corporations on that money when they bring it back to the U.S. Personally I am ok with going to a territorial system to help our companies be more competitive and avoid offshore tax havens.  However lets not take on more national debt or lose jobs to do it.
  • Chained CPI: This little gimmick will keep the standard deduction from keeping up with inflation. So as inflation goes up or taxes go up faster!
  • Repealing the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax: Corporations already pay an average of 18% tax even though we have a top rate of 35%.  Removing the minimum tax means many larger corporations will be able to avoid paying any taxes at all!  Meanwhile smaller businesses will pay the bulk of corporate tax.  How fair is that?
  • Repeal of Deduction for Income Attributable to Domestic Activities: Currently companies are allowed to deduct up to 9% (6% for oil and gas companies) for costs related to making and selling stuff in the US.  Getting rid of this will just incentivize them to move those operations overseas.  More job loss.
This bill does nothing to encourage companies to increase wages or hire more workers. Companies are already sitting on tons of cash and have access to low interest rates.  Instead of job growth we see mergers and stock buybacks. The only way to boost the economy is to increase consumer demand.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Case for Conspiracy against the United States against the GOP

I uploaded this video and wanted to give my reps a chance to look it over before posting about it.
I am heartened by the Alabama race and some Republicans coming out against Roy Moore.  While I accept the argument that its possible not all the women told the truth.  However you only had to listen to his own word during his interview on Sean Hannity to see that he did indeed do at least some of what he was accused.  Even if as he said he did not 'commonly' do it.

However, while the moral issues and hypocrisy of the GOP infuriate me that is not related to this video. It is the GOP providing cover and enabling the criminal actions of the President and many in his cabinet.

Look for my tax plan later this week!