Monday, April 1, 2024

Game Session: Star Heist, Session 0

 We had our first session, which was an introduction. We talked over some things and dealt with some questions. A few rules questions, the players all have an older version of GURPS Ultra-Tech than I which has a few errata and other differences. Notably TL11 for Rainbow Lasers and the setting is TL10.

Some questions about the laws and legal systems among various worlds. Who knew that adventurers might want o play fast and loose with the law?

We introduced the characters to each other and they got their mission brief so they have two weeks to make plans and ask questions which will represent their 4 week trip.

Adam (JoeJim): Psychically linked twins and the starship pilot.

Geoff (Sigretto Leiter al-Biq): Decker, Rigger, part cyborg, and wannebe combat monster with a bionic arm. Not sure how all the allies are going to work and I have serious reservations about the arm but we shall see.

Bo (Tickle): Diplomat and trained martial artist. Uses Escrima with some high tech sticks (neurolash) so should be pretty effective.


Exeter (Starship): SM+9 research vessel, 4g Reactionless, Jump 4.

Ben Slater: Mission Lead, Analyst, ships captain.

Bear: Bloodkatt, 6 legged cat that looks like a small panther (SM-1), old Sargent type (not a Drill Instructor). Knight! making him a combat monster and also ships Tactical Officer/Gunner.

Dr. KIrkpatrick: Healer!, ships medic and a Ugler (small bird like alien's). 

Sam: Asst. Engineer, a leathery starfish shaped individual, very curious and loves taking things apart just to put hem back together.

Snick: Chief Engineer, a reptile man, much more serious than his assistant.

So one of the player characters is crew, the other two are passengers but everyone works for the insurance company. as the Pc pilot is effectively two characters this lets the players do the field work with a solid crew to watch the ship and provide occasional backup. the ship has room for a few more people, especially if they will take bunk rooms. This gives me mission flexibility.