Thursday, February 29, 2024

GURPS Template Toolkit 4: Spirits

 Its published! GURPS Template Toolkit 4: Spirits is finally released.

This is my second supplement, both on the subject of spirits in GURPS. It is more crunchy than GURPS Powers  Totem and Nature Spirits.

It is a collection of templates and lenses, making it a tough edit but useful for GMS to quickly put together spirits for their campaigns. However a big part of this book is also explaining how various traits work and apply in the context of a spirit.  So it goes into explanation on many traits, hopefully clearing up some details and questions I have seen come up. Also adding quite a few new modifiers to current advantages.

Those modifiers like Preset for Jumper or Warp, Display for Clairsentience, a couple of goodies for Binding, and many more should be useful in campaigns not using spirits as well.

Some core advantages like Special Rapaport also get expanded options.

Monday, February 12, 2024

AEON B-Team Season 8 Session 13 The End is Coming


Cast: The Nomads

  • Amie-Belle T. W. Lee aka Whisper (Played by Curtis): Cold War era super-soldier/spy that got put in the Freezer, because she got poisoned. After getting thawed out and cured she tried to back to work, and was given an “adjustment period”. Uncle Sam called 2 years later, with work… because once you’re in, you’re in for life. Tagline: “In and out without a whisper.” Absent
  • Beauregard K. “Bo” Ratnam aka Wirerat (Played by Brice): Technopath, inventor, and hacker. He specializes in co-opting enemy systems and tech assets. Tagline: “Nice tech – I’ll borrow that.
    • Stainless Steel Rat aka “Sir” (NPC Ally): Bo’s best friend and assistant. A sentient drone in the shape of a stylized shiny metal rat mindlinked to Bo. Specialties are rapid repair construction and modifications. Imagine if K-9 and R2D2 made a baby and it looks a bit like a rodent. Tagline: “Repairs and upgrades in progress”
    • Derrick K. Ratnam aka Ledgerdemain (NPC Ally): Spin doctor and media liaison for Project VANGUARD. Twin to Bo. Tagline: “Well, actually that’s not how it happened.
    • MIA Sentient AI made from recovered tech on a prior mission.
  • Rafe Hanlon aka Nyx (played by Chris D.): An umbrakinetic petty thief still on work release several years later, on his way to becoming a true agent and hero. Tagline: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
    • Layla A. de Blackburn aka Nox (NPC): CIA-trained child assassin all grown up to be Daddy’s Little Monster. Maybe a little mad. Argues with her shadow often. Tagline: “No, we shouldn’t do that…should we?”
    • June B. O'Neill aka Prodigy (NPC): Savant with hyper-intelligence that may have cracked the universal power-dampening conundrum. Fresh out of the Meraki Institute for the advanced and gifted. Extremely intelligent, but young (she's 16).
  • Vincenzo L. dePrezzo aka Threshold (Played by Rory): Doctor, Mathematician, and Scientist (yes, capitals) and Spatial Manipulator. Threshold can bend space like a pretzel, teleport, obliterate things, and has extraordinary senses. He’d rather be in a research lab than fight. Better known for his work with Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations, and disaster relief than famous battles. Tagline: “I can be there in a snap!”
  • Eleanor C. Bulli aka "Bubbles (NPC): Manipulates bubbles of energy, short range teleportation, can fly on the bubbles, use them for shields or attack and even see through them.
  • Grant L. Wojcik aka Fridge Boy (NPC): Can control ice/cold, but mostly the ability to create ice that explodes. 16 year old emancipated orphan, Our janitor. 
  • Rudy A. Coldwater aka Gimmick (NPC): Mildly hyper-intelligent savant. Stutters. Makes very accurate guesses. Typical nerd, not yet 20. Wants to make a difference, assigned to support duties.
  • Summer Stratos aka Chain Jacket (NPC): Ferrokinetic
  • Vargas Manwell Tilium aka "Impulse" (NPC): Speedster.

Patrols and Intel

Each of the team went and managed their patrols, Threshold taking on extra night shifts to cover for Wans death. Wirerat is fully recovered from his injuries and working on several projects, including things to find and track the alien's and their portals.
Threshold goes to that store recommended to him for math materials. The guy drops hints he knows something but is not forthcoming and Threshold chooses not to press him after verifying he is not an alien. Threshold keeps closing portals but they just keep appearing and growing in number.
Lynch is convinced the end of the world is coming but we wont give up so easily.

We find out that our minds have holes in them, missing certain memories.  Wirerat thinks he can get them back but Lynch and Threshold feel its extremely unlikely.
Someone managed to remove mental and physical records of things they do not want people to know.
At the end a kaiju (not Godzilla) comes out of the bay through a portal and heads to wreck the city.  Thresholds Warp ability wont work near it, though his other powers seem ok and he uses his "long Step" ability to get to the base and let everyone know.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Template Toolkit Spirits

 Sent in notes on the last edit of my supplement which has been announced as on schedule for a Feb release.

I am not posting details yet, though expect some designers notes after its out.  However, I did want to get it out there. Its been a long road, about 4 years to get this out from pitch to publication. It was part of an earlier manuscript where I intended to do as bunch of stuff in one Powers style supplement. Looks like I pitched it June 2020 and it was awhile after that before the contract was approved and signed.

I am very happy with this supplement. Totem and Nature Spirits left a lot on the cutting room floor, the subject was simply too broad to include everything. I did the best I could to hit what I thought was the important highlights but so many totems were left out for space.  However, with TT:Spirits I managed to get pretty much everything I wanted into it.  I'll go over that in a bit more detail after publication.