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 The United States Constitution is a wonderful document, even with its flaws based on the times it was written. The founders had great ideas but they did not anticipate everything and over time it has been amended, usually for the better. Trouble is our politicians tend to work for themselves more than the people they represent.  This page lists articles or links to categories of problems and solutions I see.

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Wall of Shame

One thing politicians count on is that we forget the things we did not like by the time the next election comes around. So this is a list of articles I wrote capturing them for posterity.  They get away with so much because WE allow it.  Low voter turnout, media coverage, and advertising overwhelms us and until we focus on holding them accountable nothing will improve. Please feel free to email me for YOUR suggestions on issues important to you.

Health Care

Health care is a major drain on the economy, many Americans go bankrupt each year because of enormous medical bills and many more die because they can't afford proper health care. Every other major country in the world manages this better than USA. The same companies sell the same drugs overseas and to Canada far cheaper than they do to Americans, even when we subside most research through universities and grants. To most Americans this is a vital topic.

Climate Change

We spend billions of dollars every year, with the price tag increasing each year due to increased frequency and severity of natural disasters and severe weather. If nothing is done in time it will bankrupt the country and destroy much of it.

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