If I were in Charge (Political Change)

Many Americans are not happy with at least some of the way politics work and how things are going. I feel strongly that if you have no suggestions for fixing a problem or making things better than you should not complain about it.  So here are my ideas on how to make things better.
Odds are good you will not agree with all I write here and that is fine, after all that is what America is about! I welcome comments and emails +Rory Fansler  and especially look forward to constructive ideas.  Insults and attack posts will promptly be deleted and not considered but any intelligent note made in good faith will get serious consideration.


War of America is a collection of videos, good and bad that I think are important social issues going on.
Trump is a list for things that tick me off about the current administration and I use these in tweeting to my legislative reps or activist posts.
Health Care is about various news or educational items related to Health Care.
Climate and Environment is about Climate change and things we need to pay attention to if we want to continue have quality air and water.

Making America Better

My Thoughts on The Economy
My Thoughts on Health Care
The Republican War on Americans
My Thoughts on Education
Renewable Energy
Raising the Minimum Wage Study


Candidates who want to reduce money in politics
My Thoughts on Conservatives
A gerrymandering clip by John Oliver
My Thoughts on the Democratic Party
Donald Trumps Bullshitopedia

Finding your Representative or Senator

Ballot O Pedia Find ALL your politicains!  Requires full street address but includes Federal, State and local officials.

Keeping your Politician Accountable

Below are some very easy to use sites that let you track important information about your legislatures
Follow The Money this is an example of my Senator Jim Lankford.  Use this site to see who donates to your person.
Open Secrets
Campaign Money
Town Halls
Vote Spoter App
GovTrack Voting records that can be emailed to you. Also very easy to use website.
Ballot Pedia Provides more of an overview rather than specific details. However there is a lot of data here.
Vote Smart A decent way to see various positions, especially as seen by various third party agencies. Also good at seeing policy statements by politician.
Political Party Time A calendar of upcoming campaign fundraisers.  Nice site for tracking who is buying your politician.
On The Issues Good quick way to see your candidates stance on major issues.
Know The Score
Every Vote
NumbersUSA Immigration vote and policy tracking

Independent news

Gerrymandering Issue
Congressional District Compactness
The State of Gerrymandering
A listing of News and information with what their bias is.

Got some others?  Email me or comment below.

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