GURPS Fan Settings


Fan Settings

A number of people have made and published their own settings using the GURPS system. Here are some of them.
  • Icelanders Worlds - A discord channel on the Unofficial GUIRPS Discord server.
  • Psi-Wars is a space opera setting inspired by Star Wars.
  • Nen Psi Powers - Adapting Hunter X Hunter

My Personal Settings

This is a setting I have worked and reworked over the years, starting from GURPS Third Edition. The world sits in a chalice on the back of a turtle flying through the void.

A Supers setting diverging from our earth in the 1960s when super powers started to appear.

A Space Opera setting designed to let players have starships pretty easily because gate travel allows small starships (starting at SM+4). It gets the name because it was created for some players who wanted to start off as smugglers and have an Oceans 11 vibe in space.

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