Wolf-PAC is one of the political groups I volunteer for.  Its a nonpartisan group that has the express goal of Free and Fair elections by getting money out of politics.  The plan to do this is through calling for a Article V amendment.
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Is Campaign Finance Reform and Fair Elections Really an Issue?

When a corporation or special interest group pays a politician several hundred thousand dollars they expect something in return.  See how bought your politicians are here

Why and What is an Article V Amendment?

There are several ways to get money out of politics but Wolf-PAC,  Take Back Our Republic, and American Promise have decided this is the best way.  What are the options you ask?
  • Ask every politician to stop taking money from PACs and special interest groups.
    • This has actually already started!  Those who refuse such money and rely only on grassroots funding are at a disadvantage since Corporate media (MSM) mostly ignores or even attacks them (fear of losing ad revenue) and big money advertising helps spread a candidates message and name recognition. In 2016 Senator Bernie Sanders was the main example of this and most said it would be impossible to win. However even losing to Hillary Clinton he proved able to raise a lot of money and votes this way.
    • After the 2016 election Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats started up based on the same principles and managed to get at least 11 candidates into the US Congress.  For a pair of startup groups, and running mostly first time candidates that was an amazing success rate. Expect more in 2020, now that its been proven possible it will be easier to get more people to run and win. It will still be very hard, but having already done it should have greater success, especially if they can make a difference!
    • However most politicians will keep taking oney unless and until they see people stop voting for them because they do.
  • Have the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Citizens United
    • This is the route groups like Common Cause are taking. It however seems unlikely, especially with a more conservative and corporate focused court. Also this method focuses not so much on reform as just overturning things like Citizens United. So it really wont go far enough
  • Convince Congress to create new laws or an amendment that will prohibit PAC and Special Interest financing. Whats the likelihood of Congress voting an effective pay cut for themselves?
  • Article V Amendment requires citizens convince their state legislatures to pass a resolution requesting one for this issue. To succeed 34 states have to pass the resolution calling for it and then 38 states have to ratify it. So far 5 states have passed that initial resolution so a lot more work is required. 
    • A lot of people are fighting this and using a lot of scare tactics and money to do so (after all they own our congress, why would they give that up without a fight?) but if enough people are tired of it we can make it happen.
    • Most of our amendments were passed using this process. Either the Convention happened or Congress panicked at losing control to the states and pushed their own amendment before the Convention happened. So we have plenty of precedent and examples proving this CAN be done.

Other Groups Working on Campaign Finance Reform

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