Virtual Table Top Stuff

 Here is some handy stuff for using VTT's with GURPS

Mook's VTT Review  Detailed and includes notes and links to third party or fan created content.

Fantasy Grounds Unity

The GM can purchase a standard or ultimate license and depending on that players can join with a free demo license or purchase a standard license.
Cost: $39 Standard or $149 Ultimate (12/2020)

Foundry VTT

This is a purchasable application and its hosted from your computer. This may require more technical expertise by the GM to set up the hosting and work with the security settings.  Also it requires a good internet connection and bandwidth from the GM.
Cost: $50 (12/2020)


Popular and free to play, though GMs can purchase more for extra features. Its hosted on servers not your computer so easier for less technically inclined GMs.
Cost: Typically free to use but there are addons and extra options you can purchase.

Additional VTT

The ones above seem to be the major contenders.  Here are a few more and any feedback is welcome.

Conference Software

Discord is a popular system for voice or text communication, even vide though it can be laggy. I prefer it as the group can communicate between games and leave messages for each other.
Google Hangouts is another option but is being discontinued soon.
Zoom, Skype, etc are also used by some.

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