Sunday, October 29, 2017

Demand Side Economics

Last week I went over Supply side Economics which is the Republican strategy and this week I go over the other half or Supply Side Economics which is the Democratic strategy for economic growth.
It was also the Republican strategy under President Eisenhower who continued the New Deal strategy and supported the Space Race which led to much of the technology we use today.
Incidentally he was also for civil rights and fought McCarthyism so quite different then modern Republicans.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Vets and dead soldiers are Losers!

I am surprised it took me so long to think of this given all the evidence.
A lot of people are speculating on why Trump attacked and continues to attack Myeshia Johnson...

  • He is a Racist. People point out the only other Gold Star family he attacked was also of color.
  • He is a misogynist and attacks women on a personal level, never a professional one.
  • He was counter punching and felt attacked when the reporter asked why he had not yet said anything about the soldiers killed in Niger (12 days prior).

I think there all wrong, or rather partly wrong.  There should be no doubt by this point that he is a racist and a misogynist, nor that he hits back when he thinks he is attacked.
However from what I have seen the thing that Trump is most about and considers most sacred is ego and winning.  Everything he does is always the best and greatest ever. He considers himself a winner.
He respects winners. and those he thinks are losers are beneath him and should just shut up.
I think because he was able to dodge the draft that he feels anyone who serves is a loser who was unable to get out of it.

Think about his history with Vets.
  • Attacks McCain for getting captured
  • Attacks the Khan family on the campaign trail
  • Attacks the grieving widow of a dead soldier, accusing her of lying about what he said.
  • Defrauds Vet charities he raised money for during the campaign by not paying them until the media calls him on it.
  • Despite tweeting about virtually anything he never utters a word about soldiers who die unless first asked about it, whether the latest bit in Nigers, the sailors who died in ship accidents or the raid in Yemen.
  • His speeches, whether at memorials like the CIA or the graduation commencement at the Coast Guard.  He will talk at length about how powerful the military is because he considers it an extension of his will and power,  But only talks in offhanded ways about dedication.
Seems pretty clear that the rel reason is so down on veterans is he thinks we are losers.

USAF E-3 Honorably discharged in 1983

Friday, October 20, 2017

GOP one step closer to putting America into another recession

So the Senate approved the budget which is built around cutting taxes.  Most of the taxes cut will be for the richest people with many middle income people actually paying more in taxes according to the CBO.  Further, cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and an increase in the deficit will cause problems down the road.
However the real lie here is that the corporations getting tax breaks will boost productivity and boost the economy.  We have seen this before and they will use the money to buy back stocks and consolidate by buying competitors which will cost jobs.  When companies put more money into automation and buy other companies they need fewer workers so lay people off.
Ask your representative how this helps America and do not let them give you spin or pie in the sky promises.  See if they can offer any provable history that this actually works.  They will have none to offer.  I have been challenging my reps for two months now and get nothing but crickets on the issue.

Watch my video on Trickle Down Economics ( what this tax plan is based on) and next weeks video on Demand Side Economics.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

GURPS Online Roleplaying

So this news is rather exciting...
Basically there are two big players in he Virtual Table Top Market (VTT), Fantasy Grounds and Roll20.
Roll20 is subscription based and uses their own servers so has a few features Fantasy Grounds does not. However the GM needs to pay a small monthly fee.
Fantasy Grounds uses your own computers so has an option for a one time software purchase.
From what I have heard and seen they are pretty comparable but each has thier own strengths and quirks.
However with an automated system FG will be able to save a lot of game prep by allowing faster game prep and some faster online actions.  It may even allow import from GURPS Character Assistant which would really save a GM some time.
Create a character in the $15 program (Including NPCs and foes) and export them direct to your online game instead of typing them up.

Also a Fantasy Grounds license will add more visibility to GURPS .

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pences stunt, Its not Free Speech when taxpayers pay for it

The Trump Admin pulled yet another hypocritical political stunt over the weekend.
In order to pretend to be patriotic by saying the NFL protesters who take a knee during the Anthem are unpatriotic they staged a stunt and made you and me foot the bill for it.
It is not Free Speech when the taxpayer pays the bill.
Free Speech is when citizens speak their mind even if others do not agree and is a vital part of our country.  How much did this stunt cost us? Five hundred thousand?  A million?
Travel and staff costs for the VP, his team, and secret service protection and checking out the stadium would make this a pretty expensive ad.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pissed at the GOP

  • Paul Ryan said they repealed the Obama regulation for Medicare to share with the FBI information for Gun background checks. This was those people mentally ill enough they cant work.

So people who have admitted they are mentally ill enough that they cant work should be able to get guns according to the GOP.

  • Trump goes to Puerto Rico and spends most of the conference bragging and even asking local reps to say how good a job he has done. Really? Ratings are more important than making sure you resolve any issues?
  • Trump the draft dodging coward who has to be reminded by his wife to salute the flag dares call out the NFL for peaceful protests?  There not talking or sitting there taking a knee, that is more respect then he ever gave to the Flag or the country.

There is more, just look at the news or pick up a paper but I am too mad to think about it any longer.  Called my Senators office and let them have a piece my mind.
The GOP is the party of hatred and division and are more concerned with lining their pockets than serving the country.
The GOP is trying to censor the internet, give guns to everyone, murder US citizens, promote wars and all to line thier pockets. We must get rid of them.
I have2 reps in my state I think ar honest actors, Senator Lankford and Rep Tom Cole but both are not doing enough to curb the corruption.