63 points
A race of sentient flying snakes.
ST -2 [-20] IQ -1 [-20] DX +3 [60] HT +1 [10]
Increased Speed +1 [25] SM 0 (6 feet partially coiled, 15 feet extended)
Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Breath-Holding *4 [4]; Constriction Attack [15]; Fearlessness 2 [4]; Flight (Small Wings, -10%) [36]; Infravision [10]; Innate Attack (cor) 1d (1 hour recharge, -30%) [7]; Nictating Membrane 1 [1]; Peripheral Vision [15]; Recovery [10]; Striker (Tail, Crushing/Piercing; Long +2 SM) [15]; Sharp Teeth [1]; Telesend (Contact Agent, -30%; Melee Attack, C, -30%; Telepathy, -10%) [9]; Temperature Tolerance 2 (Heat) [2].
Disadvantages: Cold-Blooded ^50 [-5]; Dead Broke [-25]; Increased Consumption 1 [-10]; Low Empathy [-20]; Mute [-25]; Restricted diet (Fresh meat) [-10]; Vermiform [-35].
Quirk: Territorial [-1].


 They are very territorial and an adult will stake out a territory and drive off all rivals. Most never mate but those that do mate for life and will have many offspring.  They get along well with the few elves that share their territory as they both have similar ideas of land management (though coatl are more aggressive than nurturing) and elves are not likely prey as their magic makes them hard to find and dangerous groups to fight.
Indeed those coatl who are mages almost invariably learned their initial spells from elves.  Acid and movement spells are the most frequently known.  Their most common enemies are the various insect species that make their home in the jungles as many of them adopt a strip mining approach to feeding and resources.  Koads are very highly regarded by them and they will go to great lengths to protect them.


Coatl are snakes with three sets of small wings, below the head, in the middle and just below the stomach. These wings are feathered and used for maneuverability rather than lifting power. Below the lower wings is a coiled tail that can quickly snap out and reach about 8 feet and just as quickly retract. Their eyes are forward facing which gives them good binocular and peripheral vision.
They are green with a hint of blue in coloration and the wings are white.


They have very fast metabolisms and require 6 meals a day to support their activities.  Fortunately they have very strong stomach acids which help them digest food quickly so they are not constantly weighed down. They cannot chew but are able to bite and tear their food which also helps with digestion.
They can store a small amount of acid in a bladder under the roof of the mouth that they can spit a surprising distance. After use it takes an hour to pump enough acid from the stomach back into the mouth. The spit is hurled using muscle compression but aided by the same telekinesis that they use to fly, this accounts for the unusual range.
They are versatile hunters, able to climb, slither, swim and fly and have superior infra-vision to normal snakes so virtually nothing is safe from them.


Coatl have a varied arsenal, typically attacking small prey with a fast bite or tail strike, they can wrap around larger prey and crush them. The acid spit is deadly but primarily a deterrent against larger foes due to its limited use. 
Additionally they often learn advanced telepathic and psychokinesis powers and some even learn magic (typically from the elves).
As Chimera they can develop those powers but this is rare as their natural form is pretty formidable and most prefer to focus on their psychic abilities.

Martial Style

Skills: Aerobatics, Brawling, Wrestling.

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