Dwarven Magic

The dwarves have a very sophisticated and layered system of magic in their control.
In game references simply call it all Sigil Magic but each layer is its own system.

Layer 1 TL +2

Sigil magic is so reliable, predictable and pervasive that it has effectively bumped the dwarven civilizations technology by two levels. So while most of the world is in the medieval period dwarves are effectively in the industrial period with mass production, mature steam power and even electricity!

Layer 2 Imbuements

Uses the system from GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements which has expanded abilities in Pyramid #3/4 Perfect Defense, Pyramid #3/13 The Mystic Knight, Pyramid #3/36 Powering Up: Imbuements, Pyramid #3/60 Mystic Power Ups, Pyramid #3/71 Vehicle Imbuements, and finally Pyramid #3/102 Crafting Imbuements.
This is a pretty powerful system designed to enhance equipment, or even yourself, though its not very flexible. It requires a leveled empowering advantage costing 10/20/40 points and specific skills. It also can burn through a lot of fatigue.
It is primarily used by elite soldiers and craftsman.

Layer 3 Advanced Sigil Manipulation

Uses a custom system of Symbol magic and is very flexible. It requires a number of skills and usually takes a lot of time to craft spells, though there are ways to speed this up (skill penalties) and create combat useful charms or items. It is probably the most versatile magic system in the setting.

Imbuement List

For ease of reference Imbuements from sources other than GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements are listed below.
Pyramid #3/4 Perfect Defense: Blinding Defense, Blunting Armor, Dancing Shied, Energizing Defense, Expand Armor, Fireproof Armor, Healthful Armor, Impenetrable Armor, Insulated Armor, Lighten Armor, Nullifying Armor, Padded Armor, Reinforce Armor, Resilient Armor, Restorative Armor, Rigid Armor, Sovereign Armor, Spiritual Defense, Subtle Defense, Thunderous Defense, Vengeful Defense, Widen Shield.
Pyramid #3/13: Reinforce Weapon, Returning Weapon; Some perks.
Pyramid #3/36 Powering Up Imbuements: Underwater Strike. Mostly lenses.
Pyramid #3/60: Acid Weapon, Fulminating Strike, Multistrike, Stabilized Shot.
Also various power ups.
Pyramid #3/71 Vehicle Imbuements: Aerial Operation, Agile Operation, All-Terrain Operation, Alluring Vehicle, Animate Vehicle, Aquatic Operation, Armored Vehicle, Chameleon Vehicle, Clinging Vehicle, Efficient Vehicle, Hardy Vehicle, Hasten Vehicle, Phantom Hold, Phasing Vehicle, Ramming Vehicle, Self-Repairing Vehicle, Stable Vehicle, Stalwart Vehicle, Superior Life Support, Tireless Mount, Transform Vehicle, Underground Operation, Vacuum Operation. Some special notes and advantages.
Crafting (Pyramid #3/102): Agile Weapon, Channel Weapon, Durable Gear, Faultless Gear, Fortified Gear, Infuse Gear, Insulated Gear, Lighten Gear, Long-Range Gear, Ostentatious Gear, Penetrating Weapon, Precise Gear, Resilient Gear, Self-Healing Gear, Strong Weapon, Transmogrify Object, Transmute Object.

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