Game Of Powers: Timeline

  • 1961 Russia First Manned spaceflight
  • 1963 Feb New Orleans The Magician appears, at first seen as an eccentric it is later recognized he was a Totem or Reality Shard meta-human.
  • 1966 Black Panthers founder Huey Newton is a power seed meta
  • 1968 April 4th Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated by a power seed meta named White Lion. During the riots that followed the government rounded up hundreds of meta humans. Many escape and create a colony in the Florida everglades.
  • 1971 Everglade colony is bombed, death toll unknown but it is rebuilt and another colony formed in southern Alabama where refugees take over a town called Enterprise, fighting continues through the year.
  • 1971 Vancouver, Canada Greenpeace is formed amid concerns for the climate and the cause and effect of meta-humans.
  • 1972 Feb 26 Coal sludge accident in West Virginia awakens a reality shard meta later called Avalanche who could open gates and bury people and large areas in sludge.
  • 1972 April 10, Most world powers sign the Meta-human Armistice and ban on military use.act.
  • 1972 August 4, Star Force awakens his powers due to a massive solar flare.
  • 1979 MASK formed, first schools opened.
  • 1982 Enterprise no longer under siege and becomes a federally recognized sanctuary city.
  • 1984 Sea of Japan Orcas first recorded sighting and attack on whaling ships. Later he goes in and frees captured dolphins and floods the Japanese village Taiji.
  • 1986 April A Norwegian meta-human called the Fisherman rescues a Russian nuclear sub that had foundered off the coast of Norway. He had Orca carry it to shore at St. Petersburg. After this claims that Orca is sentient cannot be denied, though some are even angrier at his continued attacks on whalers.
  • 1989 March 24 Exxon Valdez attacked by Kraken
  • 1991 Cold War officially ends.
  • 1995 International Space station is launched and completed ahead of schedule with the aid of Star Force and his team. It undergoes continuous expansion and by 2012 is a small city.
  • 2002 June 13 Kraken attacks and sinks Carrie of Camaret.
  • 2003 The Fisherman fights off Kraken during an attack on Bermuda, but is mortally wounded. The Kraken is determined to be a giant octopus with energy shell based powers. It is learned that it can also fly, though slowly.
  • 2004 Massive tidal wave caused by Orca while fighting a meta-human task force hired by whalers results in an international ban on whale and dolphin hunting and any further attacks on him to be declared an international war crime. Sky Talon was the only survivor and said it looked like mountains of water were used to try and swat him from the sky. His popularity falls but he redeems himself somewhat with humanitarian efforts in the aftermath.
  • 2008 Leviathans attack several ships, proving for the first time that rumors of multiple giant squids were true. One attack was repulsed when orca attacked and killed that leviathan. It is suspected orca has been hunting leviathans as their favored prey are whales.
  • 2011 Fenris and Fenri conformed sightings in northern Ireland. Officially recognized as mascots and considered a protected species. This is applauded as a humanitarian decision but many suspect its more pragmatic, at least until their powers can be fully observed.

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