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Easily the most popular genre in role playing games, with several sub-genres.
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Dungeon Fantasy

Go to the dungeon, kill things and take their stuff!
That is the essence of dungeon fantasy and certain roleplaying games and many video games support this genre. GURPS most popular line is the Dungeon Fantasy series which focuses on this style of play.
It also has the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game or DFRPG which is a Powered by GURPS product focused on the genre. The genre handwaves a lot of the world building and social elements.

Epic Fantasy

Powerful magic and world conquering (or saving) heroes.
  • Myth
  • Witch World by Andre Norton (Out of Print)

Magical Worlds

Worlds where magic is really common and well known and the campaign is typically about working in the world.

Swords and Sandals

Typically very low tech and with weaker magic.

Wainscott Fantasy

Modern Urban fantasy, usually secret magic. See the Monster Hunter category for more detail.

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