Jotun are beings of chaos that come across the Barrier Mountains. Most are hunted down and destroyed by the Dwarven Federation but some may exist in the mountains for extended periods of time, especially if they appear nonthreatening. A few make it out of the mountains.
When first entering the world they are essentially spirits of chaos but they cant survive long in that form and must adopt a physical form quickly. The form is generally based on the first thing they see that interests them.
Jotun are generally vulnerable to Sigil magic.

Happ Jotun

205 points
Based on Animating Your Life, Pyramid #3/101 Humor animates are generally considered harmless, if very strange. They are creatures of chaos and disruption but are funny.
Use the animate template from that article but replace references to "paint-remover mixture" with special sigil magic materials. They tend to be very cautious of dwarves and will avoid dwarven areas as much as possible.

Animates come in all shapes and sizes but the ones most commonly seen are anthropomorphized animals.

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