My GURPS Charecters

 I have been playing or running GURPS a long time and since I am in a couple of games thought posting my current characters might be useful. This is not the detailed build, just some of the highlights.

Chushi - TTJP

This was my second character in the setting. Chushi was a shaman. We all started as children and we had a mage and everyone could fight though most of the others specialized in combat.
Chushi was kind of a disappointment due to some communication issues between me and the GM on spirits that kind of killed the whole concept and another player who could not get into the game due to a difference in expectations on the genre between him and the GM.
I did get to playtest a few of my ideas for a powers based shaman but most of it was nixed by the GM who had his own ideas on the subject and wanted to use those. Also the mage in the party overlapped enough that Chushi was a bit unsatisfying
The campaign notes though may prove a useful read. Its a Xinxia style setting..

Gushou Miren - TTJP

My first character in this setting was a monk specializing in the kusari or chain whip. This was a short run to get a feel for the setting and the campaign was rebooted with new characters after the GM retooled it.
My goal was to test the kusari as a weapon in GURPS and that worked out pretty well. It is an interesting weapon with some advantages, long reach and good damage as well as being effective against Block and Parry and it can entangle. On the other hand its heavy and becomes unready after use. This was a very cinematic campaign but in that genre I found the kusdari could be an effective and versatile weapon. Buy Extra Attack to help with Ready maneuvers and a high ST.

Dan - Hylen

No campaign session notes on this one. It was supposed to be a very short campaign that instead lasted about 6 months. It was a post apocalypse setting to help test some of the GMs rules, such as Realm Management while we waited for the ATTG campaign to restart after two players came back.
Dan was planned to be a solder and duct tape gadgeteer to help keep our equipment running and rebuild some stuff after civilization ended. He wound up being a full gadgeteer and helped build our infrastructure when we landed in our new home on the world tree. His gadgeteering was largely overshadowed by another character who had a connection to Ancient Tech but he still made solid contributions and was a decent hunter as well. He was also the teams faceman, a role I tend to pick up in this group, though usually several have good social traits and it seems a dedicated face is rarely needed.

Dr. Wu - Magic Vegas

This is a 250 point based campaign set in modern Los Vegas in a world with secret magic. It uses the Book/Path system and is primarily a social and intrigue campaign. The character's are assistants to a delegate representing a particular magical tradition. Each PC serves a different delegate and were often working on our own.
Not many campaign notes as there is little I think a reader would be interested in but the GM has come up with some interesting takes on the magic system and the campaign is fun to play with. Not suitable for everyone though as we often go more than an hour one one PC before moving to the next.
Henry - Ceteri

Ceteri is a Monster Hunters inspired horror campaign. I came in after the first season as this was my first campaign with this GM. I think everyone started around 500 points.
Henry is probably my favorite character in the campaigns run by this GM. The plot was all the PC's were orphaned in an event called the Lorna Road Massacre which was an attack where some vampires killed almost everyone on the street for a block or two, leaving 13 children as survivors. The first group were packed off to an orphanage run by a monster hunter and she taught them the trade. All the children are part of some big prophecy and a big bad will be gunning for them when the stars align. Henry missed that training as I joined late.
I built him after reading the previous session notes and discussions with the other players and the GM. Many mistakes were made, mostly due to communication issues and partially also due to my not fully grasping all the house rules in play and their effects. The group was described to me as a werewolf Rockstar who was a volunteer EMT and the teams medic. A druid magician who is a master at arcane lore and "weird". And another player who did not pan out joined at the same time and I adjusted my build to bring what I thought the group could use with minimal redundancy. Also, no MH training to start off with but supernatural abilities paid for that he would learn how to use from the experienced characters. I figured a private detective would fit in as they seemed good on social and magical skills but weak on investigation. As he had no training I went with a natural gunslinger, weak against many typical monsters but the GM allowed Imbuements which would make up for that.
Unfortunately the werewolf who was described as half warrior and half bard didn't like being the bard too much so focused on combat - so no face. The weird druid turned out to be a genius researcher and spells like Divination and Seek Target made him an effective detective. The guy who was booted before the game started kept changing his mind but seemed to be finally settling on a psychic so I skipped ESP and such. Had I known the players and the GM along with his style better I would have made several changes and come up with a more effective character. As it stood he was barely useful the year we played, partly because the GM retconned away Imbuements (I'd have gone for a spellslinger had I known that was coming, they are a focused combat mage with lots of gun related spells) and largely because the other players did not tell him much about magic, preferring to be "mysterious"/

So why is he one of my favorite character's?
The challenge in adapting him without totally changing him, instead building on abilities he has or could learn in the setting. The concept of a gunslinger detective who has supernatural sight to give him an edge is a cool one that I have not played before.
I also learned a lot playing with these people in how they tick and we no longer have substantial communication issues.
Henry uses a pistol with the Fast-Firing technique and Extra Attack to use his full RoF 3 on up to 3 foes. I beefed this up with a Russian made shotgun pistol near the end, and used it in our last fight. Shotgun rounds (12 gauge revolver) give a lot of ammo choices and Henry has the Wealth to pay for cool toys and a machine shop in the basement. His Clear Sight was the standout part of his build and can be expanded, though the Acute Vision 4 and Telescopic Vision 4 it grants are capped. But innate Telescopic Vision is great for aiming. It also has Microscopic Vision 1 and Penetrating Vision, great for forensic work. I plan to add Ultravision, hopefully Hyperspectral and things like See Invisible (Spirits) at some point.
He as Attractive, Charisma 1, and a reputation with local law enforcement because they fit the concept and wouldn't step on the bards toes. In hindsight I should have given him a few more social advantages but did pick up Talker! after the campaign started so he is a decent though not exceptional Face for the point level and can get better with buying up skill.
Finally those Imbuements got turned into Mystic (Divine Favor- Horus) which comes with a limited selection of spells and some handy prayers or blessings. Mostly these help him in combat but he should be able to learn Magery 2 (hoping to have the points for it when we return) as an alternative ability to his current Magery (Mystic) 2. That will broaden him considerably and RPM is broad enough that we can have two mages in the same party. Amos the Druid will be considerably better at magic (he is also an Adept so can cast fast), leaving him his niche but even low level Path skills can be very useful, especially if you can take some time to cast.

I really look forward to getting back to this character and applying some of the knowledge and ideas I later picked up (the challenge part of the fun) and just because the MH genre is something I really like.
Guns combat is something I think I can make effective with very few points, mostly its about having the right weapons and ammo at this point. Of course higher skill is always good!
Socially will require more point investment but he's on a solid path and perhaps "good enough".
The detective portion is the tough nut to crack, coping with magic and other supernatural countermeasures is an interesting chlenge.

Mitzadu - ATTG

A Thousand Tiny Gods is kind of a highlander style setting where the offspring of deities, mixed with a few  spontaneous beings. Very high point level, we all started as over 1,000 point characters. Each character had one or more divine powers and various durability advantages plus base attributes about 14. The campaign was suspended when two players had to to drop out for work and we went on to the Hylen campaign until they could come back. However that has not happened yet and since then the team lost another player and I suspect this campaign is dead.

Mitzadu is several hundred years old, having been through a couple of Harrowing's already (the name for the lose your head contests) and native Japanese. His godly domains are Business and Hearth, including cooking and he picked up War after beheading a demigod during the campaign. He's also a master Magician of the Shinto tradition (RPM variation), most godlings can use RPM in the setting.
He was going to be an Enchanter and test some rules out, was looking forward to that as I dislike most of the GURPS enchantment systems as too slow and only appropriate for low fantasy campaigns.

Threshold - Aeon

Aeon is a supers campaign, B-Team started at 1600 points. We are all supposed to be I-scale but within that I would say it is a four color setting.

Threshold has had his powers for years but spent time training them in a Tibetan monastery and using them for humanitarian missions, world travel, and disposing of waste. Only recently has he decided to try being a "super hero" and joined Project Vanguard a NYC based group run by the state with some federal and private funding.

Threshold is a multi-discipline scientist and physician, CSI!, Mathematician!, Medic!, Science! and a genius at IQ 20. He has the SCION gene which is an identified gene that gives more control over powers and generally improved capabilities, including long life. He is 62 years old but looks more like someone in their thirties.

He is probably one of the best scientific minds who is not a gadgeteer, trained in the martial arts, and has the power to manipulate and sense the distance and movement of matter and energy. His most notable and obvious power is Warp with which he can create portals or just teleport himself and a modest amount of gear, reaching almost anywhere in the world in fifteen minutes or less. Faster in most cases! He has trained variations on this point to point connection ability allowing him to quickly step over long distance or reach for things from afar.

His other best known power is what he calls his Obliteration Beam, 15d Corrosion attack with variable enhancements letting him use it at long range, a 6y cone, or a jet. Its devastating in combat and good at disintegrating trash, including toxic waste.

Additionally he can reflect projectiles back at attackers, create a micro singularity, and sense the motion of energy and matter around him, even to the subatomic level.

Players Notes: I like high mobility characters and also information gathering abilities. I have built and played some teleporters before but Threshold is far and away the best at it. Also Scanning Sense (Para Radar), a powerful attack and skills make him flexible and enjoyable to play. His weaknesses are normal armor, no Gadgeteering (with his skills he would be great at it so it was an obvious and deliberate omission), and a low DX and ST meaning he can be kinda fragile. His martial training is not cinematic but he can punch at range (Stretching with Reduced Time) and move quickly around the battlefield. Offensively he uses the Obliteration Beam the most which is not what I had planned on but the foes so far are high ST and his Binding (Condensing the space between air to create solid restraints) and punches are too ineffective for the scenarios so far. He is mostly a powers build and I definitely have things I want to build up and variations to add but also hope ot build up his martial arts as that would be kind of fun.

Threshold is probably the funnest Super I have played in GURPS and has a lot of growth potential.

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