Society of Spirit Talkers

The spirit world has long been recognized as a source of protection and danger to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Shamans are a little weird and off-putting but their value in keeping local spirits happy is well regarded. In villages they will typically have a small shop where they earn a living selling blessings, divination;s and other aid. In towns, and certainly cities, they will have a shrine at the edge of the temple district dedicated to the city spirit.
Some villages may have their own spirit but this is not assured.
If there is a city spirit it tends to work against spirits hostile to the city, such as corruptors though they may operate from hiding or be too small and weak to be noticed.
City spirits can see anything within their domain but take significant penalties (apply the cities area as a penalty using the Size/Speed and Range table) unless they are already focusing on it. A role of shamans is to help the city spirit become aware of problems before they become too much of an issue.  The other job of the shaman is to communicate to the inhabitants when they are annoying the spirits and advising them on how to make amends,

Some people (especially mages) may prefer to deal with a Shadow or Iron Lantern if they are around instead of a shaman.
In any case the Society of Spirit Talkers is an essential cog in a healthy community.


Status (Spirit): Shamans can buy a separate Status for the spirit world. It is not recognized in the material world but still costs the full amount. It provides two benefits, normal Status benefits when interacting with spirits, which are a fundamental part of Chalice World and it offers the "Blood Will Tell" bonus. Due to your importance, minor spirits will provide simple help and warning, add Status -2 in any Quick Contests with living beings in your immediate presence to represent warnings or subtle help from these minor spirits. This does not work in areas protected from spirits, such as temples or areas of Divine Sanctity or warded against spirits.
Medium: Spirits may walk up and start talking to you. In fact its pretty much a regular occurrence (consider taking Distracted)

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