The Blasted Lands

Also known as the First Kingdom this was the original homeland of humans and was said to possess mighty magics now mostly lost to the world.
The best known use of this magic was the ability to bend time and space and they created gates to travel from city to city and even it is claimed between homes!
However this magic weakened reality enough that the Outsiders were able to gain a threshold and the entire empire was shattered within a few weeks after the first incursion. It is for this reason that gate and teleport magic is largely forbidden throughout all the lands. There are some closely monitored exceptions, primarily that of the Fae and travel to spirit worlds.
Any unauthorized use is considered a crime against civilization and punishable by death (or worse).

Current State of the Blasted Lands

The Blasted Lands are guarded by forts and walls and their are two powerful temples within the former kingdom. The rest is scattered ruins, enchanted camps and roving horrors.
Their is one Outsider near the edge of the kingdom and it is heavily patrolled by shadow hunters to kill minor manifestations and keep it from spreading.


Many adventurers dare to travel into the Blasted Lands for treasure and glory. The ruins are said to have powerful items and lost knowledge, while minor Outsiders, Elder Things and other minions provide worthy kills for great heroes.
It is important to note however that though the First Kingdom has fallen some of its rulers are still around and they and their minions have strict rules about looting. Anything found must be inspected and pass customs or smuggled out at great risk. Also the dangers of this realm are great and something most are unprepared for, its recommended you take a guide!

Map Info

Heroes Keep

A commonwealth fortress and outpost that exists to support and train adventurers and a small army that watches over the border of the Blasted Lands.

Temple of Anubis

An ancient temple to a shadownaught named Anubis who is the creator of the Shadow Hunter race. This temple fortress supports and houses an army that watches over the Blasted Lands.

Temple of Thoth

An ancient temple that is the center of learning and magic within the Blasted Lands,


The approximate location of a powerful Outsider and the source of many minor Outsiders.

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