Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why does Congress favor corporate subsidies over job retraining?

So Trump wants to kill the Appalachian Retraining Commission which helped 100000 people get jobs in the last five years. However he washappy to spend millions on Carrier for what now looks like about 300 jobs.
Or the deal with FoxConn that will cost taxpayers Billions with no guarantee that they will even stay in Wisconsin.  At least this deal is looking so bad even Congress is starting to balk.
Why are our politicians more interested in corporate welfare and subsidies than helping the workers of this country?
Think it might be related to the corporate donations they get to line their pockets?
And anyone else wonder how we keep hearing about job growth but still have so many people out of work?  How can we see people laid off so much if there are really all these new jobs?  You should be able to find a new one quickly if this is really what is going on.

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