Sunday, February 10, 2019

Does Anyone Still Think Republicans Are For The People?

  • So average tax refunds are down 8.4% meaning as predicted the GOP tax plan did not help the majority of Americans.
  • Deficit headed to record highs, interest payments mostly helping China.
  • Insurance rates are trending up, though not by huge amounts, but watch for increases in your deductibles and co-pays.
  • Due to the obstructionist tactics of the GOP Senate under Mitch McConnel there is a backlog of judicial appointments that the GOP has filled so that is a Conservative win,
  • The government was shut down for a record duration, plus several shorter ones at the cost to the taxpayers and economy of billions, still Conservatives who hate the government may call that a win.
  • Hate crimes were way up, increase in mass shootings and gun violence so many on the right call that a win, though the NRA took a political hit after it was revealed how they have been working with Russia.
  • Corporate regulation took a beating, Banks got looser regulations, workers safety went down, more food poisoning due to relaxed FDA regulations and inspections, National Parks had acreage sold off to mining and oil companies, and of course pollution increased.
  • Illegal Immigration increased due to Trumps policies, though its still lower than under President Bush. However, many of the separated children will be stranded in USA without their parents, costing taxpayers even more, plus the internment camps extravagant charges to the taxpayer of almost $700/per day per person means were spending far more than ever before. Trump took Coast Guard, FEMA, and US Military funds to help cover his increased detention costs. So our National Security and disaster preparedness is weaker.
  • Tariffs costing US consumers billions (remember we pay the cost, not other countries as they just charge us more) and hurting various industries, especially agriculture and fishing.
  • Russia, China and other countries emboldened to increase cyber attacks on USA and election meddling due to Trumps war on Intelligence agencies, and GOP refusal to improve security.
  • Weakening of NATO and USA Military and trade alliances allow Russia and China to take advantage and make better deals, this is more a long term damage effect as it will be hard to get that business back.
  • Women's, GLBT, and minority rights eroded.
I get that if your priority is Roe vs. Wade or you believe corporations are more important than citizens and national security this administration might be a win in your mind.
But honestly I dont see how any patriotic American is willing to sacrifice and hurt the USA so badly can consider this a win. If your a staunch conservative, at least minimize the damage by replacing Trump with Pence who is a real conservative, but your willing to sacrifice the country for your hatred of women and minorities shows your real priorities and is creating a backlash.

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