Friday, November 22, 2019

Advantage: Chi Adept

This was inspired by GURPS Power-Ups 9: Alternate Attributes which I reviewed here.

Chi Adept

5 points +15/level.
You have awakened your inner chi and learned how to directly harness it. This creates a new attribute "Chi"starting at 10 that has several effects.
  • As long as Chi is at or above 10 use the better of this or the normal attribute for using chi based skills, powers, and resisting chi and physical supernatural effects.
  • May be used to replace any HT roll, including most HT skills (see below), resistance, and any HT check such as staying conscious or avoiding death.
  • May be used to replace Will for extra effort rolls.
  • May be used instead of normal Per rolls to sense chi related effects.
  • May be temporarily lowered to power chi effects and extra effort, exactly as if it were HT and FP.  However using this energy lowers the effective score for all purposes until its recovered through rest or other means.
  • Use the worst of this or the appropriate attribute when resisting effects, or for chi and HT based skills and abilities if the Chi attribute is currently below 10 for any reason.

Chi skills

Chi skills include Autohypnosis, Blind Fighting, Body Control, Body Language, Body Sense, Breaking, Blow, Breath Control, Esoteric Medicine, Flying Leap, Hypnotic Hands, Immovable Stance, Invisibility Art, Kiai, Light Walk, Lizard Climb, Meditation, Mental Strength, Mind Block, Parry Missile Weapons, Power Blow, Pressure Points, Pressure Secrets, Push, Sensitivity, Throwing Art, and Zen Archery.

HT and Other Skills

Carousing, Erotic Art, Hiking, Lifting, Running, Sex Appeal, Singing, Skating, Skiing, Swimming.

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