Tuesday, September 22, 2020

TTJP Season 1 Session 13

 Final episode before the break!

GM's Recap

Casting: Tiger Team!

  • Jian Wu (Two) (Christian) 8M, strong guy
  • Jiao Ting (Eight) (Chris D) 8M
  • Liang Jing Min (Five) (Randy) 8M, Noble, on the outs with family
  • Nongmin Chushi (Seven) (Rory) 8M, says he talks to spirits, inquisitive and charming more than creepy despite possibly being insane.
  • Shang Yi (One) (Calvin) 8M, natural leader and archer.
  • Zhiyu Zhige (Nine) (Laurie) 8F, sorcerer specializing in healing.
  • He Bohi (Eleven) 8M, Twin, grew up near the docks.
  • He Donghai (Twelve) 8M, grew up near the docks.
  • He Qing (Four) 9M, bully of the group.
  • Laoshu (Three aka Mouse) 9F, quiet and good with a knife.
  • Meiyou Ren (Six) M Also good with a knife
  • Rang Baozhai (Ten) 11F, our bookworm and nerd.

The Green Seer

Our team, minus the twins and Qing who remained at camp followed the elderly lady to her treehouse. Its a big tree and a big house. We made idle conversation while she finished making donner, surprisingly having more than enough for all of us. She explained there were blood speakers who sneak into the valley from time to time stealing the chi from the plants and such here. Most of the group did not quite get it, though Chushi and Zhige definitely did. After the nice venison stew she gave us some fantastic dumplings and candied fruit.  Not sure why some others were nervous, no one who is that good a cook can be bad right? Chushi is quite sure its a rule that good cooking is one of the best signs of good hospitality.

Anyhow, she told us a few things but it was mostly chit chat and good eating. Chushi decided to see if the tree would talk to him and it did, sorta. He invited it in (Channeling) but as usual he was not able to hear what it was saying. His friends tried, but were unhelpful as they described he was talking in weird sounds. The elderly lady, who had identified herself as the Green Seer smacked him to snap him out of it.  As dinner ended she offered to teach Zhige and Chushi if they wanted to come back, both eagerly accepted and the group headed back to camp.
Apparently Qing had hit He Bohi and given him a back eye. We shared food with the group and in the middle of the night Qing was mysteriously beaten with sticks in his bedroll.
Next day we headed back, horses a little less cooperative this time so it took longer. They also did not seem interested in our offerings of food. When we arrived we were told we were light and proudly replied we had trouble with the horses but brought all the wood and plenty of smoked meat. Because we killed a bear!  and Ghosts!!!
We got a mildly satisfied grunt in return and told to put it all away.
It was very late by the time we were done but we got to sleep in a bit, it was almost dawn when we were woken up for the days task.  Running. Up stairs, downstairs, repeat. A lot.
Bohi fell down the stars and hurt himself pretty badly, Zhige healed him, mostly and we continued. Mouse told her she had seen Qing trip him. On lunch break the group discussed options for dealing with Qing, though Ting wanted nothing to do with it.  Jing Min suggested breaking his arm but in the end we did nothing.
The next day was a lot more running, this time just in circles though and a few were exhausted but no injuries this time. That afternoon we were in a sparring match with another group, the Monkeys. We lost but not too badly, Chushi did not do well at all.
Our Trainer declared we had spirit at least, and as we were deemed healthy enough we could begin our unarmed combat training.


No game next week, one of the players is moving so we skip a week. Also this is a time skip as we will have three years training before the next session.
Fun game, we were a bit rowdy, almost felt like an in person game!

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