Monday, October 12, 2020

TTJP Season 2 Episode 15

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Casting: Tiger Team!

  • Jian Wu (Two) (Christian) 11M; Smith and guy with huge sword
  • Jiao Ting (Eight) (Chris D) 11M; Reckless grappler
  • Liang Jing Min (Five) (Randy) 11M; Noble, on the outs with family
  • Nongmin Chushi (Seven) (Rory) 11M; He talks to spirits, inquisitive and charming more than creepy, despite possibly being insane. Perhaps a wee bit too friendly to strangers.
  • Shang Yi (One) (Calvin) 11M; Natural leader and archer.
  • Zhiyu Zhige (Nine) (Laurie) 11F; Sorcerer specializing in healing.
  • He Bohi (Eleven) 11M; Twin, grew up near the docks.
  • He Donghai (Twelve) 11M;, Twin, powerful grappler
  • Ko Lanfen (Four) 11F; Solid Order devotee.
  • Laoshu (Three aka Mouse) 12F; Quiet and deadly with a knife.
  • Meiyou Ren (Six) 11M; Also good with a blade, possibly any blade.
  • Rang Baozhai (Ten) 14F; Our bookworm and nerd.

Bandits Part Deux!

With the village saved we interrogate the bandit leader (who was apparently just knocked out) and he is unimpressed with our intimidation efforts. Chusui tells him he will bind his soul but the bandit doesn't believe he knows how. And well he doesn't so he says hesoff to look for ingrediants to maintain the bluff while actually checking for tracks.  Turns out they made no effort to hide the trail and Chushi easily finds it and tells the others. We leave several behind to guard the village (2 players werent feeling well) and Ren was really hurt.  Villagers do not have the tithe so we have to get it from the bandits, plus most of us wanted to finish them off anyhow.

Happy Trails!

We follow the trail to the a point where we cant take the wagon any further and leave it to keep going. Bandit leader is tied up in the wagon (not sure why really but he might be useful)and Chusi leads us onward.  We pretty much stumble across the camp with us spotting it and they spotting us at the same time.  There hold up in a cave with a wide ledge.
We split the group, half going toward the cave, with Jian, Liang, and Donghai taking the farthest ledge since they have two bowman over there, plus some guards.
Mouse gets up first, followed by Bohi, and Ting, with Chusi being the slowest opted to stay behind.
Bohi gets one good but an archer cripples his leg and he isnt much use after that, Mouse kills several, Ting dispatches 3, including shoving two off the cliff. Chusi uses his spirit powers to turn the quivers upside down and disarming the archers (Telekinesis 6 so its too weak to grapple adults). Jian gets mauled but survives his death and consciousness checks and dispatches 3, while Liang and Donghai kill the ones that were attacking Jian. One was thrown off the ledge and Chushi tried to kill him but after finishing the fight on the ledge Liang made a flying leap off it to land on him with his spear. Ting was just a second to late to do his own flying leap from the other side.
So one seriously wounded on our side and a few with significant injuries vs. another 12 bandits taken out. Totaling 44 bandits, we cut off some ears for bounty and haul the wounded and goods back to the wagon.

The Spoils of War

We found some coin, the tithe, and misc gear and materials in the cave plus the bandits armor was quality leather.  We split the coin up into three parts, 1 to the village, 1 split among us, and 1 to the Order.  We figured they had been raiding several villages in the area so the village probably got more than was lost but we couldn't chase down the other villages.  After all we were running late!

We were chewed out for being two days late when we got back and the order took the weapons and armor but we got to keep our share of the coin plus will get some bounty money for the bandits.
Next week is sparring, and how well we do will influence if we get offered any special training our teachers take an interest in us.  If not we keep with the regular training we have been undergoing.

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