Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Authors Notes

 I just sent in the final draft of Template Toolkits: Spirits!

This has been a long road filled with delays. I lost about a month to computer problems, another two to getting real sick (including brief hospital stay and almost dying), and more time due to depression and writers block. But its now awaiting its turn in line for Kromm to work his editing magic.

I asked some friends to help on the final edit pass and got a lot of good feedback from Kage2020 that probably saved my editor a lot of headaches (apparently I overuse exclamation points<g>) and massaged it looking for last minute changes over the past week or so.

I am really proud of this one though. I do not know what will make the final draft as I went over word count, my editor said that was fine but I expect some trimming. Fingers crossed all the cool stuff stays in and any garbage does not.

The core mission was to help GMs and players build spirits in a consistent and expeditious manner. Additional goals were to explain certain traits that seem to bring up questions on the forums, help the GM figure out ways to better use spirits in the campaign, and provide enough utility that a lot of people will want to buy it. I feel I hit all those and there is enough meat in the traits section and an appendix that even players will want GURPS Template Toolkit: Spirits.

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