Sunday, April 30, 2023

Converting Mistborn Magic into GURPS

 Awhile back on the forums someone asked about converting the magic systems in the Mistborn series into GURPS. I just read the first book and have a better feel for it.

I see two fairly obvious ways to do this. Powers and Ritual Path Magic. Powers is probably the more obvious and easiest but RPM appears pretty straightforward to me as well.


There are 11 metals or alloys discussed in the first book. Most people can only control one metal, though mistborn can control all of them. Each metal is a different power or path.
Some of the powers would have very few abilities or if using RPM a very narrowly focused path.

Powers would be built using a Power Modifier (PM) that includes having to imbibe a metal to use it and that it is burned up during use. Also a minor nuisance effect  for most metals, such as sense sensitivity for Tin or the mass restriction for attracting or repelling metals using Iron or Steel.

RPM would require Ritual Adept for the speed of casting and most effects could be cast as Blocking - especially Iron and Steel. I would change the path skills from M/VH to M/A, reflecting how easy they seem to be to learn and the very narrow scope.
Dueling with Iron and Steel I would handle as a Martial Style.
Required Skills: Acrobatics, Body Sense, Throwing


This might be a bit more complicated but again can be done using either RPM or Powers.
The magician takes a temporary disadvantage and then stores the advantage for the duration. So you could take a penalty to Vision for an hour so that later on you could use that stored hour as a bonus to vision.
Using RPM we just cap the duration of any effects to the time the caster did without to save them up. Most things should be a Lesser Effect, a trade off for having to do without in advance.
Powers would be purchased with Limited Use and a Nusiance effect representing the time without the advantage being stored up.
the only complication is the sheer volume of possibilities, so alternative abilities or Modular abilities is a must.
I would probably go with Modular Abilities and a UB as these guys are rare in the setting.

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