Wednesday, May 31, 2023

More Magic items!

 Gaming Ballistic, a third party publisher for DFRPG (Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game) by Steve Jackson Games has a new kickstarter.

Artifacts of Legend and Artifacts of Saga

Production quality for this company is always top notch and I personally am interested in the rules for spirit bound items and any new (or even reused but tweaked) ideas for making magic items in GURPS.

Sadly it will come out well after I send in my revised final draft of GURPS Template Toolkits: Spirits so I don't know if I should reference these new books in my supplement.

However, even if the rules are things I already have seen in say GURPS Thaumatology I expect some interesting unique items that can be dropped into any Dungeon Fantasy type campaign.

And definitely some fun art and descriptions!

Douglas Cole sent me a preview of these two books as a courtesy since I am an author and he saw my post. I'll post more tomorrow but after a brief skim stand by my assertion that the production quality of this product is awesome!!

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