Thursday, March 21, 2024

Star Heist, a Campaign Setting

 The Magic Vegas campaign I was playing in is on a break and the group discussed options and we went with one of my older campaign settings.  It needs some update and revisions but is bascially a TL10 Space Opera setting.

This group is playing a Decker, Pilot, and Diplomat as insurance investigators.


Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller for the Pilots and revisions to how I was handling psionics. Basically aside from racial psi people can get it from travel trough subspace and the core mechanics is Wildcards. Each psi trait is built with a wildcard skill as the power talent and abilities are primarily versions of ESP and Probability Alteration.
Lensman by EE Doc Smith for some background and overall concepts.
The Ship Who Searched and other novels by Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey for an overall sense of the setting.
Harrington novels by David Webber for some of the FTL, though highly adjusted so ships travel far slower in real space.
Traveler for idea of Jump Drives.
Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein
Assorted other scifi

GURPS Materials

GURPS Ultra-Tech and Transhuman Space for the tech.
A blend of GURPS Cyberpunk, Action 2: Exploits, Telepathy powers, and some Pyramid articles by W.A. Frick for hacking and netrunning as well as possessing vehicles.
GURPS Spaceships

Setting Conceits

The campaign takes place in the Commonwealth, a human centric space government.
It uses three primary FTL types. 
Jump Drive (Called a Dive Drive) that uses contrgav to punch a hole into subspace for hopping between stars.
Star Gates for wormhole travel between known locations. It is fast but limited by gate size.
Sling Drive (alucabrd drive idea) with hyperspace highways. Very fast, built by precursers but travel is outside the heliosphere. Ships can use this method inside a solar system but only for short skips and they may get destroyed by space debris.

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