Crystal Kingdom

An ancient kingdom founded after the fall of the First Kingdom by refugees who fled to the farthest reaches of the Land of Metal in hopes of avoiding the dangerous Outsiders.
They are known for mastering powerful magics that they researched to make up for the loss of the magics of the First Kingdom, most of which was controlled by nobles.


The Crystal Kingdom is ruled by a King who assigns or approves the rulers of each city (though its mostly honorary as its usually a family position).


Everyone in the kingdom can use magic, and it is tied to social status so higher status individuals have access to more powerful magic. Magic is based on Dragon Lines which are narrow channels of energy crisscrossing the world. They have learned how to shape the lines and store the energy using crystal spires (hence the name of the kingdom). This makes the kingdom very dangerous to attack, though the magic is not as effective outside its territory where mages cant draw upon as much power.
The kingdom is very advanced with magic compared to the Commonwealth in several ways. For one thing they use Production Line enchanting (Pyramid #3/66 The Laws of Magic, Thoroughly Modern Magic) as if TL 5

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