Saturday, September 21, 2019

Crystal Kingdom: National Magic


Everyone in the kingdom can use magic, and it is tied to social status so higher status individuals have access to more powerful magic. Magic is based on Dragon Lines which are narrow channels of energy crisscrossing the world. They have learned how to shape the lines and store the energy using crystal spires (hence the name of the kingdom). This makes the kingdom very dangerous to attack, though the magic is not as effective outside its territory where mages cant draw upon as much power.
The kingdom is very advanced with magic compared to the Commonwealth in several ways. For one thing they use Production Line enchanting (Pyramid #3/66 The Laws of Magic, Thoroughly Modern Magic) as if TL 5.
The real reason for the success of the kingdoms mages though comes from a special Power Tapping skill that draws on energy storage and distribution facilities. Citizens do not have access to this power and its access is monitored and can be limited at any time by government people. Generally citizens are allowed to use the extra energy freely, but fines and other penalties can be applied for use against other citizens or in the commission of a crime.


A number of traits work differently in the Crystal Kingdom, also there are a few new ones.
  • Magery: Magery 0 is trainable and possessed by almost every citizen. Higher levels work normally, both in effect and how they are acquired.
  • Rank: While on duty members of certain organizations are able to draw on extra power.
  • Status: The higher a citizens status the more power they are allowed to draw from the national system.

  • Power Tapping (Crystal Kingdom): is a widely available skill, though not everyone bothers to learn it. However, any serious mage will study it. It gets a bonus of +1 for each level of Status and another +1 per level of Rank when appropriate. This is the key factor in making local mages so powerful compared to others, though it only works in or near the Crystal Kingdom. The cap is normal area 5, spires 10, and audits are automatic for anyone using more than (Status *10) in a month.
While many affinities are available, certain ones are more common.
  • Commuter: Covers abilities to get around within the Crystal Kingdom. This includes typical movement spells and specialty ones such as riding dragon lines. It also includes a Calling ritual for taxis.
  • Public Access: Primarily communication and Knowledge spells related to the country. Includes checking time, locations of self and registered buildings and shops, peoples location or info that they want publicly available. Also listen to news bulletins. A Calling spell exists for police and emergency services.
New Advantage: Magic Account
Prerequisites: Wealth (Comfortable or better)
30 points (50 points with a -40% gadget).
You have applied for, and received access to a special pool of energy that can be used to power your spells. This is primarily used by wealthy merchants and nobles and is strictly regulated. Bearers have a touchstone that provides a link to the kingdoms energy. This is a 4 inch badge, usually worn on the shirt (DR 5; SM -7; must be forcibly removed, will not work for the thief, and is difficult to replace; -40%). Replacing it requires a visit to the Bureau of Magical Affairs head office at the capital and takes about a week for them to make and attune a new one. It is possible for a thief with the right spells to disguise their aura and trick the stone into thinking its the original bearer.
The daily recovery works automatically within the territory of the Crystal Kingdom (including embassies) but requires use of the Power Tapping (Crystal Kingdom) skill to recharge which takes Long Distance modifiers rather than the SSR table, though it takes an hour.
Statistics: Threshold Magery Tally 30, Recovery 8.
Threshold can be increased by 6 points for 5/level and Recovery can be increased by 2 points for 5/level. This does not get the gadget discount!

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