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GURPS Resources: GURPS Classic: Illuminati is the go to for this genre
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  • GURPS Transhuman Space is basically shiny instead of grimey cyberpunk. Its a bit farther in the future than much of the genre with minds uploaded into computer for a Ghost in the Shell kind of thing, fairly hard science with space travel.


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Sneakers, Bladerunner, heck even Wargames! Messing with computers to get what you want is older than the World Wide Web itself.
Cyberpunk is about more than cinematic computer hacking though, it typically involves a world run by corporations where government is just another customer.
Campaign Building: Cyberpunk (Third Edition)
SettingsCyberworld; Transhuman Space
Out of print books of special mention: CthuluPunk
Also Pyramid #3/21 Cyberpunk, Console Cowboys and Cyberspace Kung Fu
Pyramid #3/37 Tech and Toys II, Thinking Machines

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