Residents of the Land of Fire in the grasslands,leapers are nomadic hunters. They hunt in small groups and will work with centaurs.


42 points
Attributes: ST 12 [20]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 10 [0].
Secondary Attributes:
Advantages: Payload 2 (Pouch) [2]; Super Jump 2 [20]; Super Throw 1 [10]; 
Disadvantages: Increased Consumption 1 [-10].
Skills: Jumping; Thrown Weapon (Spear)


Wide bodied with very powerful legs and arms,


Leapers are nomadic and travel in small groups, often interacting with centaurs. They have a tribal organization with a typical tribe consisting of 50 to 100 adults.

Tribal Roles

  • Chief: This is the leader of the tribe, respected for his wisdom and knowledge. The Chief gets his position through acclamation by the Elder Council.
  • Shaman: The shaman (who typically has 1 or 2 apprentices) role is to provide spiritual protection and communication for the tribe, advise the Chief, Elders, and those in the tribe who seek his aid.
  • Champion: The role of the champion is to fight for the chief in any tribal or inter-tribal disputes. It is a respected position but has no authority or rank and is usually the best fighter in the tribe.
  • Elder Council: These are elderly leapers who are considered good leaders and teachers of the tribe. Elders are chosen by a Council member, but must be approved by the Chief and the Shaman before being voted membership. One of their chief duties is to advise the chief when its a good time to move on and in what direction.
  • Hunters: The bulk of the adults are hunters whose job is to hunt down food for the tribe and help fight for it when attacked.
  • Caretakers: These are teachers, new parents, and others who tend to the needs of the young and provide labor and the domestic needs of the tribe. Wounded leapers typically become caretakers, at least for awhile.

Hunting and War

Leapers rely on hunting for most of their food and materials and hunters often engage in contests to establish who is best and promote their value to the tribe and in finding mates.
They hunt large game, which they take out using javelins and spears.  Either singly or by flushing the game towards a waiting group of hunters.
They prefer javelins, which they throw as they leap but also use fencing weapons to finish off prey and duel among themselves.
They also use smaller darts, primarily for hunting birds which are considered a delicacy and test of skill.

Martial Style: Flying Sticks

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