90 points
ST -3 [-30] DX +1 [20] IQ +1 [20]
Advantages: Acute Vision 2 [4]; Ambidexterity [5]; Chi Adept [5]; Eidetic Memory [5]; Enhanced Tracking 1 [5]; Fit [5]; Flexibility [5]; Good Grip 2 [10]; Hyperspectral Vision [25]; Language: Glower [6]; Manual Dexterity +4 [20]; Microscopic Vision 2 [10]; Nictitating Membrane 1 [1]; Penetrating Vision 1[10]; Sensitive Touch [10]
Disadvantages: Easy to Read [-10]; Hemophilia [-30]; Light Sleeper [-5].
Perks: Accessory (Micro-manipulators) [1].
Quirks: Artsy [-1], Curious [-1], Disturbing stare [-1].
Skills: First Aid [1]

Common Advantages: Chi Attribute; Double Jointed from Flexibility for +10; Extra levels of Microscopic Vision, Penetrating Vision; High Manual Dexterity (Cosmic +50%) up to +10 total [7.5/level above 4]; Inscription [10].


Thin and wiry, stonekeepers are about 3 tall with grayish skin. Their most distinctive feature however is a large third eye on the forehead.  Instead of forearms and hands they have three large tentacles that have numerous smaller tendrils and tentacles branching of them and more branching off those, giving them an extraordinary grip and fine manipulation combined with an extraordinary sensitivity to touch.
They also have an unusual cardiovascular system that lets them recover fatigue faster, but makes them more vulnerable to bleeding and revealing physical responses to emotions (like blushing) or sensations.


Stonekeepers live chiefly among the dwarves though are commonly found in large human cities as well. They are generally peaceful people and known for their scholarly, jewelry, and medical skills. These benefit greatly from their combination of dexterity and vision abilities. Their hemophilia makes them cautious of combat but everyone is trained in First Aid as a youth. Around 20% continue to become full surgeons, but most focus on jewelry which is a better money making skill and allows them to work with pretty things and get paid for it! A few become police investigators or other services making use of their enhanced sight.

Magic and Special Abilities

Stonekeepers can readily learn dwarven Sigil magic but also have their own form of Affinity magic based on gems. They are also able to not only understand glowers but read their memory crystals. They also learn chi based abilities, most typically Chi Sorcery (Pyramid #3/105) blended with Chinese Elemental Magic. However the ability they are most well known for is Inscription Magic.

Stone Keeper Manuscripts

Stone Keepers get their names from the crystals and stones they use for books.  They can read memory crystals made by glowers and many work in the dwarven libraries. However they are capable of making their own books made of crystals or gems. They will grow a crystal or cut a gem and make microscopic marks for the writing. Larger works will have multiple layers with crystals grown over each other like an onion. This is equivalent in storage capacity to microfiche and allows them to store or carry a lot of information in very small packages, though only they can read them without special magic. This technique is also done when using inscription magic or making subtle notes on equipment and walls.


Because of their low ST and HP, not to mention hemophilia, they would seem to be poor combatants. However those that do train for combat have some unique advantages that play into their own custom styles and specific tactics.
Penetrating Vision grants +2 to Diagnosis and Physiology for spotting internal injuries or uses like Pressure Secrets.  They rely on precision in combat and will typically fight with bare hands or small throwing weapons. They can be very deadly in the dark and attacking from cover as well, using Penetrating Vision to see through thin cover while they attack around it or use popup tactics.  Finally where they become extremely dangerous is those who choose to master Ki (Chi) abilities. The martial art they learn this is called Stones Breath. Also almost everyone learns Inscription and that can also be used in combat.

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