Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Partisan Politics vs Ideology or pragmatism.

America is founded on the idea that majority should decide.  It is ok and expected for people to disagree about things.  However when we do not debate facts but try to win using personal attacks we betray that process and the very ideals America was founded on.
Another issue is the overuse of labels,  It is easy to side against a common enemy and politicians know this and manipulate people by using labels.
Listen to your politician.. do they persuade you with policy or things they want to do?  Does their track record support that or do they do the opposite of what they said they would after being elected?
Do they try to win by attacking their opponents rather than trying to demonstrate how they are good for you?
America is suffering and both Republicans and Democrats are responsible, but so is the average American.  Did you vote? Too many people stay away from the polls because they feel their vote does not matter.  You may be overwhelmed by others in your area but if you keep silent you are giving approval for it.

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