Sunday, March 26, 2017

Senator Sanders needs to stop using the same talking point on Single Payer.

He keeps saying it should be a basic right because he believes this to be true.
the problem is his opponents do not believe that and worse they dont believe in Human Rights so tha argument will never work on them.
Conservatives do not believe in Human Rights, they believe in Corporate Rights.  Think about it Conservatives were for slavery, against Civil Rights for black people, women, and unions and if you look at current voting records you see they are on the forefront of voter suppression, dictating to women that they must have babies (Of course they wont help either the woman or the child with medical or financial care) even if that woman is a victim or rape, the bay will be born unhealthy or the mother could die from it.  They still claim women should not earn equal pay for the same work.
Conservatives often clothe themselves in the cloak of Christianity but fail to walk the walk and just talk about it.  Real Christians don't go around bragging about what good Christians they are, you can see it in their actions.  Don't listen to them talk, look at what they do and how they vote and their real nature is clear.

The Human Right argument will not sway people like the Freedom Caucus who refused to support the latest Health Care bill partly because it covered maternity care.
However Medicare has lower administrative overhead and if Congress would take out the corporate welfare rules on it such as the inability to negotiate prices for drugs it would lower  costs.

Trying to regulate how insurance companies operate will never solve the issue.  

Arguments for Single Payer

  • Take the money we as Americans pay for our premiums and put it into Medicare for all and we could see the same take home pay but have better coverage. Pro Worker
  • Corporations will no longer have to deal with insurance companies and can lower their cost of doing business. Pro Business
  • Small Business don't have to limit their growth for fear of having to deal with providing health care. Pro Business
  • Employees will no longer have to worry about only getting part time work because the company wants to avoid full time employee benefits such as Heath Care.Pro Worker
  • Lower medical costs for doctors and hospitals.  Ask your doctor how much money and time they waste dealing with insurance companies..  A comprehensive system if done right could save them a lot of money. Pro Everybody 

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