Thursday, September 28, 2017

Government Reform

Listening to the lies and dodges from government officials the past few days I am again struck by how bad things are getting.
We need real government reform.

Some Ideas

  • Get money out of politics. Start with getting rid of PACs and Citizens United.  Let organizations encourage people to vote or donate as individuals but require transparency and prohibit them from donating.
  • Make it a crime to lie to the public.  I am tired of hearing how its not a crime for a government official to lie to the public. Who wants an employee that lies to them? In most cases they make it a crime for the public to lie to them so why not the reverse?  Dodges and especially no comments can be allowed but not provable lies.
  • More transparency in government.
  • Slimmed down bills.  We need Congress to stop burying legislation in thick overly worded bills padded to make it so complicated.  Many Congressman dont read and fully understand the bills they vote on. That should be a crime.  Give it a common sense or high school test and if the average graduate cant understand t redo it.
  • Every proposed bill should have a reasonable public review period. Exempt emergency legislation but the American People should be able to review and give our opinions.
  • A strong and effective Ethics office that reports to US.

How about you? What changes would you like to see?

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