Thursday, September 7, 2017

What Happened? Hillary still blaming everyone else for her failed campaign

So excerpts of Hillary Clinton's latest book is out and she is still blaming everyone else for her loss.
Still going after Bernie Sanders, among others.
The lack of accountability by her and the DNC is truly amazing.
People voted against her because they did not trust her and they were against the establishment.
Heck millions of people (including myself) who DID vote for her felt she was corrupt, untrustworthy and interested in her self more than the country.  We just felt she was less of a threat to the country than Donald Trump, as usual it was a choice between what you hoped was the lesser of two evils rather than someone you actually wanted in the White House.

Please vote for Justice Democrats or Brand New Congress and lets get rid of these establishment people and put in some fresh faces.

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