Sunday, November 19, 2017

A letter to my Senators on their horrible tax bill.

Dear Senator Lankford and Senator Inhofe,
This is a horrible bill.
It increases the debt, takes away health care for people through backdoor legislation with the repeal of the mandate, and promotes big business over small business (especially service industry, one of the largest segments) all to give more money to the richest people and large corporations . There is nothing in this plan that will increase wages or new jobs, instead the money will be used for stock buybacks, dividends, exec bonuses, increased automation, and mergers so will actually cost jobs.
Companies will only hire more people if they need more work, not just because they have more money.  To grow the economy you have to work on the demand side, not the supply side.
Lowering taxes is fine but it needs to be fair, honest in its presentation, and budget neutral or better.
Final comment on the estate tax, why cut it? It was designed to prevent an aristocracy class and if Americans have to pay taxes on gifted money why not inherited money?

Vote no on this bill and rework it from the ground up, in bipartisan fashion and with public input.
Not rushed legislation so you can claim a victory for your donors over the American people.


We NEED to get rid of establishment politicians, America has been taken over by corporations and wealthy donors and now works against the principles it was founded on. Vote for new blood that promises to only take individual donations so they work for the majority of America.

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