Saturday, February 3, 2018

Add Paul Ryan to the Obstruction list

I havent been happy with most of the GOP over how far they are going to protect Trump.
With the Nunes memo we now learn that Paul Ryan was cooperating in the conspiracy against the United States with Carter Page. Thanks to the GOP everyone now knows how long Carter Page has been under survelence, including those potentially working with him.  The GOP did not succeed in discrediting the Meuller investigation but they did send out a warning to others possibly involved so thy can run or destroy evidence.
Go back and listen to Carter Pages interview last October. He said he expected Speaker Ryan to release publicly info on the FISA warrent on him and the Dossier.
Lock Him up!

The GOP  has decided to go all in on attacking the FBI, DOJ and the FISA judges (Which last month both Nunes and Ryan voted to continue as is and said it was vital to our national security for them to be able to spy on Americans) and for what?
Another publicity stunt!
That is all the memo is. its the opinion of some of the GOP on the House committee. They hid a lot from us and are afraid to let the Democrats on the committee have their say.
The bias in the memo is clear and we know from media reports that a lot of flags had been thrown up on this, including by the Australian government.
Honestly, just listen to this guy talk and you can understand wht the FBI was watching him.
Maybe Trump was not working with Russia for help with the 2016 election.
However there is so much here that bears investigation it would be criminal not to.
Carter Page, Stephen Popadapolis, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Betsy Devos, Blackwater, Jarad Kushner, money laundering, refusal to sanction Russia, The meeting with the Russian Lawyer, and more.
If Trump was actually innocent he would not have gone this far and made all these pathetic cover up attempts.

Carter Page
Listen to some of the other interviews this guy gave.

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