Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Medicare for all is a win for America

Watch this if you care about Medical Costs.

It was a good Town Hall, far more then any other sitting Senator or Congressional Rep would care to do.
Medicare for all would..

  • Reduce business costs as employers would no longer have to spend so much time, money and staffing to handle company based insurance,
  • Reduce lost productivity since their employees would be healthier.
  • Save workers money paid towards premiums.
  • Raise employee and likely business taxes but STILL mean each pays less annually, and get rid of copays and time lost while waiting to see if they will cover a procedure.
Who wants it or something like it?

  • The Left wants Medicare for all because its the moral and christian thing to do.
  • Medical Providers (Other than Insurance and Drug companies) want Medicare for all because it saves them money and hassle.
  • Businesses want Medicare for all because it saves them LOTS of money.
  • Workers should want Medicare for all since employers can more easily higher full time people.
  • Workers should want it since wages could go up.  Ok, they may not but its the same logic as giving tax cuts and hoping they use that money to increase wages.
  • Older workers who are often let go and discriminated because of their age. Insurance companies try to discourage companies from hiring older workers.
  • Women who are discriminated against.
  • Vets who are also discriminated against by insurance companies.
  • Taxpayers who will save by reducing all these bailouts and cut back on related expenses.

Who does not want Medicare for all?
  • Banks who profit from foreclosures from medical bankruptcy.  This is the number 1 reason for bankruptcy in the USA.
  • Drug companies who make billions off scams with insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies who profit off your pain and suffering. They take your money for premiums then try everything they can to avoid paying the bills they promised you they would take care of.
  • Some Conservatives who feel the old way is always the best way and fear change.
  • Politicians who rake in billions from Banks, Drug and Insurance companies

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