Sunday, April 8, 2018

Review of Caverntown

Caverntown is the latest GURPS supplement and one of the best settings to come out in a long time.
The site of an epic battle, its a cavern bathed in sunlight and blessed by at least 2 gods.
The book was written for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line but includes notes for using it with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game which is a standalone GURPS game focused on Dungeon Fantasy.
The line classifies thing this way (my interpretation)..

  • Adventures: Pretty much a one shot, these are things like dungeons or raids on ancient temples.After the PCs have completed it there is little to do and they are off to the next one. But they can save the GM significant time in creating their own adventures.
  • Encounters: Multiple use drop in locations where the PCs may have reasons to keep coming back to.
  • Settings: Richly detailed settings which the PCs can call home or extraordinary places to visit.
Caverntown is the latter.
Its a 49 page book (PDF) for $10 that describes a city at the edge of a megadungeon and gives adventure hooks for numerous nearby dungeons.
  • Chapter 1 goes over the history and description of the city. This includes where and how to fit it into your world, or make it the home base for one. Its a human city but with about as many dwarves and gnomes and is rather cosmopolitan in nature.
  • Chapter 2 describes the government, temples and guilds who are the powers that keep things running.
  • Chapter 3 describes how adventures can interact with the town, from finding quests to staying out of (or getting into) trouble.
  • Chapter 4 goes over the buying and selling of goods and services and includes lots of material that will be useful for any DF type town that deals heavily with adventures.
Not only is this a fun and interesting setting with LOTS of possibility its also very adaptable to any DF town with rules, charts and guidelines to make the GMs job easier.

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