Friday, April 20, 2018

Review of Pyramid 3/114 Mind Over Magic

So here is my review of this issue

The Incanters Grimoire

Written by Christoper Rice (Who made the Incanter class and system) this is mostly a Grimoire of spells for that system.  It also converts a lot of Ritual Path Magic spells into Incanter spells which is an efficient use of space.  The new spells are a good mix of spell types, and some are pretty creative.  Since spell design rules are already pretty solid this is not my favorite article.  However there are some nice variations and suggestions for new crunch in various boxes.
Pre-written spell lists? meh  New Crunch? Yay!

Names Have Power

My article so I'm biased, hence no review.  Talks about True Names and how to use them with a variety of GURPS magic systems.

Eidetic Memory: Glass Magic and the Specularii

As I started to read it I was disappointed that the spells were basically elemental.  However David Pulver redeemed himself (personal taste) with the second half of the article.  The Specularii is a magical style and includes most of the expected spells related to glass I would like to see.  In lore glass and mirrors have strong divination and gate related connections and this style does well at making a versatile utility class.

Artifacts of Evil

Paul Stefko creates 7 rather interesting items using Ritual Path Magic.
The second section Dealing With Evil Artifacts is a nice bonus that gives a table listing modelers for making indestructible artifacts.

The Carnie

What if the Joker was a Bard? Ever heard of the Circus of Crime?
Sean Punch creates a nice spin on the classic Bard for Dungeon Fantasy and this is easily the most inspiring and fun article to me in this issue. These guys are really odd and while not right for every campaign but can add a nice change when they are.  They are a mix of Bard and Thief in play but the perspective change strikes me as a lot of fun.
I am now inspired to create carnival troupes for my setting.

Random Thought Table: Zero-Sum Game

Some interesting ideas here as usual.  I especially like the variation on Trademark.

Overall a very pleasant and highly useful issue, with some really fun ideas as well.

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