Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The Meta-human Agency for Security and Knowledge is a Cabinet level agency and the premiere government organization for dealing with meta-humans and related issues.

Bureau 1

This bureau runs the training schools for meta-humans and normal agents who work with them. Most students enter in junior high and stay through college levels. After graduation they are required to serve for 4 years to help compensate the agency for its training costs.

Bureau 2

Working with the FBI, state and local law enforcement this is really the most public face of MASK.
Meta-humans assigned here are under strict ethics and reporting guidelines.
The standard meta-human agent has: 
Advantages: Code of Honor (Police) [-1 or -10]; Legal Enforcement Powers [10]; Police Rank 2 [10].
Disadvantages: Duty (-15) [-15].
Skills: Area Knowledge (City) IQ/E; Criminology IQ/A; Law IQ/H; Leadership IQ/A; Professional Skill (Law Enforcement) IQ/A; Writing IQ/A
Those who have a high profile often have Status 2 as well.

Bureau 3

This bureau is the official liaison to civilian and government agency's at all levels with the exception of law enforcement and military agencies. It works heavily with FEMA, the CDC, and city or state authorities when they request emergency assistance.
Meta-human agents in Bureau 3 do not have law enforcement powers but may still work with a city's defense team. They are typically trained in First-Aid  and serve the role of first responders and help out with disaster relief, depending on their abilities.

Bureau 4

The research arm of MASK. Originally responsible for researching the sources of powers and how to deal with them but now work on a variety of subjects. Inventions are owned by the Bureau, which has an expedited and confidential patent process but the inventor (team or individual) get a cut on proceeds.  This is 10% in the beginning and 25% after research and development costs have been covered. Companies pay fees to lease technologies from MASK which in turn helps defray overall operating costs.

Bureau 5

Responsible for national defense and security this Bureau trains and maintain elite teams of combat ready meta-humans. Bureau 5 is effectively a special ops unit and has handled everything from rescue missions in foreign countries to surgical strikes but its primary mission is to protect the country from foreign super teams.

Bureau 6

Maintains the meta-human prison system.

Equipment List

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